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Grrr I think I'm looking at this through the sentiment of the place and time so there's some desperation - that and I am just starting to build my wardrobe...

The mismatch could be fixed with the right pants? Pants I don't currently have... I guess I can hold onto this for a while longer, what's another year?

This also reminds me of a concern as a beginner - I think this looks good. I know that can be based completely on ignorance, and I'm not suggesting it's not when I say that when starting out the "rules" can seem so arbitrary that they forget aesthetics.
I don't agree that you can wear jeans with that jackets. I wear jeans and jackets a lot but never with a worsted fabric.

The only hope with a jacket that dressy is a pair of light coloured dress pants. Even then the stripes are pretty formal - I have a Oxxford jacket that I love and i never have anything for it to go with.