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Thread: Bureh Belts Code

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    Talking Bureh Belts Code

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post after browsing the forums for a month. I have a deal code for Bureh Belts that is buy one belt get the second for half price. Use the code TONY during checkout for the discount.

    Bureh is a manufacturer of belts from Sierra Leone that has a goal of increasing the fortunes of the people of Sierra Leone by trading their belts for employment opportunities.

    I purchased the black and white striped and the blue Bolson belt and both belts are extremely stout and well-made. They have a great casual look for the weekend and their blue hexagon pattern seems to be popular.

    I hope the code comes in handy for anyone out there!

    EDIT: It would certainly make things easier if I included the url:
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