Hi all,
I'm Teg, founder of .Bk (#dotbk). We're making accessible, unique menswear rooted in a time and a place, to bring back the feeling of a local boutique in a digital setting. Because everyone has their own personal style, and they shouldn't have to share it with thousands of people. Most of all, we're doing it affordably -- $72 retail. It's discounted up to 30% on Kickstarter, and I'll be offering 15% off to new customers once the site's up (late-March). I'll also make dappered a coupon for 20% off instead.

My family's been in the fashion industry since 1979, back when it wasn't dominated by a dozen mass retailers. To survive, we adapted by producing small and big orders 3 times faster than our competitors (who are also our customers). Now, as the industry continues to get tougher, we're adapting by going digital. Feel free to ask me anything about the industry if you have questions.

Our launch collection, "The Start-Up CEO", includes ten premium button-down shirts at run of 100 each. Every shirt comes hand-numbered (e.g. 3/100). On our blog, we're not telling you how to dress; we're telling stories of the unique people that inspired us.

TL;DRI've spent the past few weeks browsing the forum, and I think you're the perfect community to introduce this to. You can check out our animated Kickstarter video & launch collection here. We're about to reach our goal and start production, which means the shirts will ship by early-April.

I'd love to get your feedback and field any questions/suggestions on design, future collections and the whole concept for .Bk.