I have had trouble in the past with getting the right fit with Ludlows, but I thought I would try again with the recent 40% off sale. I need some help deciding whether to keep this or not.

This is a size 36R. I am 5'7 1/2'' and 126 lbs. I went with the Regular because I don't like short jackets, and the Ludlow is cut slightly shorter than traditional. It feels snug in the chest and waist. The sleeves are too long and will need to be shortened. Usually my main issue with Ludlows is getting the shoulders right. Does this look odd-shaped?

The color is labeled charcoal, but it looks almost mid-gray in person. The material feels nice, 100% wool. It is fully lined. It seems medium-heavy weight to me. Probably good for fall weather.

The price was 192.59 on sale (including tax), then I used my $50 Rewards card, so I paid the balance of $142.59. Overall, I am happy with the color and material given the price, and I like the fit everywhere except I am just not sure about the shoulders.

Is this worth keeping? Would I get my rewards card back if I return it? (the expiration on the card was late March)