So I've got a month to find an anniversary gift for my wife. We'll have been married for 3 years.

She's already got plenty of jewelry that she doesn't wear. She likes to receive "experience" gifts such as date nights or concerts, but I feel like an anniversary gift (or at least some portion of it) should have some sort of permanence to it so she can look at it and think back on the milestone.

We're also in the midst of giving our home an enema. We're clearing out lots of clutter to make room for a pending baby. So whatever the gift is, it should preferably be small and easy to store.

And lastly, my wife is leaving her job to care for this baby so we're short on funds. In a perfect world, the gift would be $50 or less, but I can go a little higher if it is worth it.

To get the ball rolling, here are some general lines of thought:
1.) something baby-related (since we're in that mode right now)
2.) Etsy stuff (she loves that site)

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?