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Thread: Personal experience with Obenauf's LP, Huberd's Shoe Grease, or Sno Seal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by facelessghost View Post
    So if there's a little too much wax on the shoes, should I just continue wiping the shoes down after wearing and wait for the wax buildup to reduce, or is there something else I should do to clean them?
    My boots were slightly sticky after treating them and I had the same dust issues but they eventually went away. Have you thought about heating up the boots gently with a hair dryer to see if you can get the wax to soak in deeper into the leather?

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    I've been using Huberds on my shoes for a few years, primarily on my beeswax clarks. Yes, it darkens the leather, but not much. It does have a smoky smell, but that obviously goes away and it's not something I dislike to begin with. It does not have any impact on coloring stitching. It does not leave a waxy residue although it may appear this way until it dries. Applications seemingly last a long time although I'm in Los Angeles so my shoes will get dusty before they get ruined from rain. Typically I apply another coat when my shoes get scuffed up from daily use.

    Your after pictures seem extremely dramatic. I'd be curious to see what they look like after 2 or 3 days once the product has completely dried.

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    abc123: I did use a hair dryer for the initial application, and I tried to use it again immediately after to see if I could remove some wax after heating it up. I think my mistake was applying two coats. That seemed to be the consensus on various tutorials I read, but I think most people are applying this to work boots and other shoes with much thicker leather than the Brattles. Fortunately, the excess wax does seem to be working itself out--either its coming off when I brush the shoes, or its soaking deeper into the leather. Either way, the shoes don't feel as sticky.

    mdwsta4: The color certainly was dramatic. I'm curious about whether it will last. I'll let the shoes sit a bit longer and then wear them on Friday. I'll post some follow-up pics when I get home to document what they look like after a few days of drying and a full day of wear. (Also, if I had heard from you a couple of days earlier I probably would have tried the Huberd's instead. Oh well.)

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