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I have been thinking about getting a Barbour jacket for about a year now. I tried on some Bedales when I was in London last spring but just couldn't find the right fit. Either good fit but too loose and baggy (I know this is the classic look) or trim but too tight. I really really love the look but started thinking that this jacket wasn't for me. I finally discovered the Ashby and love the fit much better. I'm still on the fence. I love the look but fear buyer's remorse. I live in Atlanta and see this as a perfect jacket for November - March. I really don't ever need anything heavier. I do run hot so I'm a tad concerned about the breathability.

Thoughts? Pros/cons? Do I finally pull the trigger?
I live in Atlanta and have worn a Barbour Ashby through this winter season. It's served me best for temps between 40-60 degrees, especially since I drive to work. It's definitely not my most breathable jacket, but it works well for temps in the higher range (50-60) when I don't want to wear a sweater and isn't uncomfortable in the lower range when I want to layer.

I will say that it does gather lint very easily, but it may look worse because I have it in a darker color, the navy. That said, I wipe it off with a damp cloth every so often and have gotten used to a little lint gathering.