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Thread: Dollar Shave Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravelingJ View Post
    To comment on your response-I found I was able to get a closer shave with the Mach 17, but I have less irritation from the safety razor. The only area that differed, was on my neck right at the jaw line. I can't get it perfectly smooth with the safety. With the Mach 24 blades, My entire neck would look like it was on week 2 of puberty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JGL View Post
    No, I just had to be like the stereotypical DE shaver, and poke fun at the number of blades on the cartridge razor heads these days.

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    It really depends on your skin/hair. I believe you when you say you got a great shave with something other than a DE razor. For me, the DE shave has been my best shave and because I'm a new convert to it (going on about 9 months using it) I'm having fun trying out the different blades and figuring out what's best for me. Along with that is the fun adventure of soaps and different methods of applying. I just enjoy the entire experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcadamsandwich View Post
    Ok, cool. First, a few thoughts:

    If you’re looking for a *faster* shave, a safety razor is not for you. Stick with your Mach 3.

    1. Once you get the process down, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.
    2. With that being said, you should take your time and enjoy it as a relaxing experience.

    If you’re looking for a *cheaper* shave, using a safety razor will be cheaper in the long run.

    1. Keep in mind, the initial investment is more than a traditional disposable kit.
    2. A quality handle, pack of blades, and some lather can run $40 minimum.
    3. Replacement blades run $2/pack of 5 to $10/pack of 20, depending on brand or type.

    If you’re looking for a *better* shave, I think you’ll be happier using a safety razor.

    1. Take your time, go slow.
    2. Use lots of lather/soap.
    3. Wash the blade frequently.
    4. Go WITH the grain, not against it. Less irritation..

    To get started, you’ll need a few things. This is what I started with/recommend:

    Razor – Merkur #34C Heavy Duty. (LINK).

    1. Built like a tank, relatively inexpensive, easy to use.

    Blades – Try a sample pack to see which blades you like. (LINK).

    1. Some will be normal (Wilkinson, Merkur), and some will be stupidly sharp (Feather).
    2. Obviously, go easy with the sharper blades.

    Lather – You can use normal shaving gel/crème, or you can try something different.

    1. For a lighter glycerin soap, Colonel Conk’s Bay Rum smells great. (LINK).
    2. For a heavier shaving crème, Proraso’s eucaplytus crème is heavenly. (LINK).

    Lathering Brush (optional) – A lathering brush is used to evenly apply warm lather to your face.

    1. For the classic badger hair bristle brush, I like this Parker one. (LINK).
    2. If you would prefer to use a synthetic brush, this one from Parker looks nice. (LINK).

    Stand (optional) – Used to hang your razor and brush from. (LINK).

    1. A lathering brush needs to be dried upside down after being washed.
    2. This one is inexpensive and chromed. Holds a razor and brush well.
    I've been thinking about trying proraso next. Is it worth it?

    I agree with hornsup84, I like the merkur 180.

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    Using a safety razor is the way to go, and for the price you cannot beat Stirling Shaving soaps. Those thinks are $5 a puck, last for months, and have scents such as Creed's "GIT".

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    I've been a DE shaver for about 5 yrs. I still use disposables on occasion when I'm pressed for time, but it's DE mostly.

    My experience has been to experiment until you find what works for you. Every man has different needs. Some of us have sensitive skin while others have coarse facial hair.

    I own quite a few Gillette fat handle techs, a Fatboy, Aristocrat, Superspeed, merkur & a feather travel razor. The fat handle tech is my go to razor and the one that works for me. I have sensitive skin and the tech is gentle enough on my face that I rarely nick myself. I also use Personna red razor blades. I've tried everything from Feathers, Astra, Dorco, merkur & Gillette 7 'o clock and they all shredded my face to ribbons. This could've been because I was a beginner at the time but Personnas have given me consistently good shaves.

    I also use a Rooney best badger brush and a myriad of soaps/creams. My favorite is the Palm Olive shave stick which I grind down with a cheese grater into a plastic tub. It lathers quickly, is cheap, has plenty of glide and smells good.

    Again, the key is to experiment. You can't realistically hope to achieve a perfect shave when you're starting out unless you've tried different methods. For example, TTO (twist to open) DE razors don't work for me. I find the heads too big to give me a good shave beneath my nose, plus, these types of razors are more prone to rusting/pitting than your standard 3 piece DE razor.

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