I'm going to offer a counter opinion, as I have had mostly positive experiences with CG.

I have been on the lookout for a slate blue suit, but as much as I love S&M, I couldn't bring myself to spend $300+ on a suit I definitely do not need. I saw CG had a slate blue suit, but I still did not want to spend the $260 it was listed at. I had a 15% off coupon at CG from a prior order, as well as some store credit from their rewards program. With the switch to "new ownership" (I don't know if that's real or a PR stunt), my store credit was not there, and the coupon code did not work. I opened up a chat with their support, told her my issues, and she reinstated my store credit, as well as gave me a coupon code to use for 15% off. When I was unable to apply the store credit, and when the coupon code she gave me did not work, she manually applied them to my cart, giving me the discount. I ended up paying $75 for the suit, after the discount and store credit was applied. I received the suit within 3 days of placing my order (I do live in LA, close to where CG is located).

I have various products from CG, including a couple cotton suits (one is a basic one, one is from their nicer line), an essential suit as well as a suit from their nicer line, and this suit I just got. Also have a casual wool coat, some jeans, a pair of sneakers, and the weekender bag. I had issues with one of my items not being fulfilled in the past, so I spoke with the chat support and had the issue resolved. I have not had to return any items, which I understand is where a lot of issues come from.

The basic suits (both the wool and the cotton ones I have) are nothing to write home about, but the suits from the nicer line are impressive for the price. I prefer my S&M suits, and feel those are higher quality, and would rather support S&M, but I guess I've been lucky with my experiences with CG. As long as the items are in stock, and not part of that preorder thing they were doing, they seem to be OK.

I can certainly understand why people would want to avoid them, as plenty of people have had issues, and they do not want to support their owners, but I have been happy with my purchases.