Backstory: A little over a year ago, I had ordered a Trench Coat from Banana Republic's Online site. UPS marked the status as "Delivered" but the package was never delivered to me. I contacted the customer Service and they issued me a refund.

Fast Forward to the present:
I ordered a bunch of items from with the recent 35% off coupon, including the winter coat. The total for the merchandise was about 225-250$. The estimated delivery date was last week and I kept on waiting for the order to arrive. I forgot about it for a few days and I remembered to check the shipment status yesterday since i recollect their 4-7 day free shipping being slow at times. The package was shipped via UPS Smartpost (where UPS hands over the package to USPS for local delivery).

UPS's shipment status indicated that USPS delivered the package on 2nd October. Another one of my J Crew packages was indicated as delivered the same day, around the same time by USPS. I did not recollect seeing any delivered packages for my apartment that day or any day since then. I asked around my neighbors and none of them received the packages for me. I left a note for USPS but got no response from them either.

I emailed BR's customer service to inform them of this issue. They said that since they had already refunded my order once in the past, they will not process the missing package claim and re-ship or refund this order. They asked me to take it up with my credit card company.

Anyone have any similar issues with them? I wasn't even aware of them having such a policy.

Now I understand every company needs a fraud prevention policy but the way BR is handling this is pretty piss poor. J Crew couldn't have handled it any better, promptly offering a refund for the amount without me even asking for it.

I'll be contacting my credit card company to dispute the charge but then I fear that BR is going to put the bill out to collection claiming it's not their problem.

The one thing I do know: Banana Republic just lost a customer for life.

F*ck them.