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Thread: Winter essentials

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    Question Winter essentials

    I live in New York and expect a cold winter this year. I have been using an old Peacoat I bought from Gap. I am looking to upgrade it. I am looking to plan better for this winter so I can stay warm during my commute. I am also looking to buy an all-in-one to save closet space (tough to find space in NYC). So far I found one good solution but it is kind of expensive.

    I am interested in any reviews on this coat as well as other alternatives. I am also looking forward to any tips from folks who are living in cold climates. Are there ways to layer, use certain cloth materials that will help.

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    I think that's a great coat, and the price isn't bad actually. A really nice winter coat would run upwards of $350 from other major labels (Barbour, Jack Spade, etc).

    They're running a 25% off coupon right now, so that drops it under two bills.

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    Look at the Hickey Freeman overcoats at Century 21. No idea what they currently have, but they always seem to have them. I have a 100% cashmere charcoal overcoat I got there for a fraction of retail price.

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