Hey everyone,

So I got that Gilt City voucher for 25%- JCF and with the current promotion they have 30%- new arrivals (BTW they stack ), the Navy peacoat comes out to 98$ and if I get filler socks to bump up to free shipping it's around 102$ for the coat. However, I have no experience with JCF or JC clothes at all. I searched around the forums, but there seems to be more discussion about the JC Bayswater and not so much about the Factory version. I'm just looking for opinions from people who own/ed the the coat and can comment on its durability, warmth, material, etc...

I'm also a Banana cardholder but so far I don't see anything worthwhile on their site to jump on. Does anyone know if they'll put more winter stuff up in the coming month, and should I wait out for that? The sub 100$ JCF sounds good right now, I'm scared if I wait for Banana I might not see that great a deal from them (they'll make the coat a BR Pick and of course coupons won't be worth bupkis then ).

Plus it's getting pretty frosty outside nowadays, I want to have something in my closet before October rolls along, maybe someone has any better alternatives they have to share? Ideally I'm in the budget for something <150$. Much appreciated!

Here's the link to the JCF peacoat:


P.S. Almost forgot, if anyone could recommend a JCF size for the peacoat, please share! I'm 5'7" and about 155lbs on a good day. I wear S in Banana or 38S blazer/suit-wise. I fluctuate around 30-32/30 in pants, depending on manufacturer.