I know I’m rather new around here, but I’m very familiar with internet forums. I think I have a referral link thread solution.

First, let me say that I think everyone should have the opportunity to post their referral links for all to see. That’s fair for all.

Now, with that being said, I find the multi-page referral link threads EXTREMELY annoying. Yes, I know I’ve posted in them, but I see them as post whoring. It’s fine if someone is asking for a link for a discount, but when someone keeps bumping a thread so everyone see’s their link…that gets old really quick. We get it. You have a discount link that helps both of us out. You don’t need to keep reminding everyone.

To remedy this, I thought the small referral links in our signatures were a nice, classy way to show our support for certain companies while keeping the blatant advertising to a minimum. No need to shove it in everyone’s face with a thread update. I saw that quite a few people were using this tactic as it’s subtle and unobtrusive. Unfortunately, most of the moderators/admins don’t like these links. Instead, they ask that we remove them from our signatures and instead, keep bumping a thread (aka beating a dead horse).

Instead of the iron fist approach, how about a win-win compromise?

I envision a stickied thread that forum members get to post in ONCE. We create a post that has ALL of our personal links within it. When we gain, change, or lose certain deal links, we could simply update that one post. No need to constantly update a thread. The follow-up key here is that we allow ONE link in our signatures that links back to our referral post.

As an example:
McAdamSandwich’s Referral Links:

Gustin - $20/$20. Link!
Bonobos - $25/$25. Link!
Bespoke Post - $15/$15. Link!

And in my signature:
My referral LINKS.

That gets rid of the many-multiple page, annoying referral link threads and consolidates them down into one. Yet, it still allows everyone to subtly promote themselves. Reading a discussion thread about Gustin jeans and someone makes a nice post that prompts you to purchase? Use their link to purchase. Seems pretty simple, and a win-win for all.

How does that sound to you guys?