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Thread: "Well, they don't *look* like dead fish." (Help me wear salmon shorts).

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    "Well, they don't *look* like dead fish." (Help me wear salmon shorts).

    Hi all. Yesterday, due to a combination of factors (namely, my lack of enough shorts to get through a fast-approaching vacation and a Macy's gift card that's been burning a hole in my pocket), I purchased a pair of salmon-colored shorts. I'm generally fairly reserved in the colors and patterns I wear. I fall firmly into the third category described here.

    But these were a steal, they fit well (trim, fall above the knee) and they were (surprisingly) the most muted color option available. They're a darker, faded salmon, but they're still probably the loudest item in my wardrobe at the moment.

    So, that being said, two questions for you guys:

    What are your thoughts on salmon-colored shorts? Too preppy? Or okay with the right outfit?

    ...which leads to my second question: What should I wear with these that won't make me look like a preppy a**hole. I'd prefer not to end up on this page.

    Thanks in advance.
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