Mine weren't the boots -- I had the regular wingtips. It was for work so I was wearing them with coat and tie, but they can dress down.

In Paris: don't miss the Sainte-Chappelle. Beautiful. Musee D'Orsay is also great. For food and waking combined, take an afternoon and stroll down Rue Mouffetard, gawk at the endless shops of cheese, wine, bread, veggies, fruits and rotisserie meats. Pick up some stuff here and there and make a picnic out of it. Unbelievable. Also, get a bottle of wine, some saucisson cheese and bread, and sit on the edge of the Seine, watch the sunset and take advantage of the lack of open container laws. Get some amazing bread/cookies at Lauduree and Poilane (both have shops in St Germian de Pres) and walk over to Jardin Luxembourg and have an amazing snack in a beautiful location.

Basically walk a lot and eat at good places on the way.