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Thread: Club Monaco Grant Suit

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    Club Monaco Grant Suit

    I sprung for the Club Monaco "Grant" fit suit with the 20% off that Joe flagged, and it seems pretty decent in person. My only catch is that I already own four grey suits. (I'm a lawyer, what can I say?) Frankly two of them probably have less than a year left before they're going to be unwearable, one is a new J Crew Ludlow, and one is a high-quality bespoke I was married in and still wear all the time.

    Has anyone had the Grant for a little while and can tell me if you think it's worth hanging onto for $300? The wool is listed as tropical and the pants are half-lined and only on the front, so could be cooler in humid DC. My sense is it might be a good deal, but that I should let it go and diversify a little with perhaps a navy suit.

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    I have the Grant fit suit in dark blue and charcoal colors and absolutely love them.
    I've been wearing the charcoal one two to three times a week in the past year and it's held up very well.
    The jacket for this suit is on the short side. If that's okay with you (some guys like their jackets to cover their behind completely), definitely go for it. You won't be disappointed.
    As far as I know, CM's offering 30% additional discount on already marked-down items and the dark navy grant fit suit is marked-down. I got mine two weeks ago for $338 (I live in Canada).

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