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  • MindTheGAAP
    started a topic Work Trouser Overhaul

    Work Trouser Overhaul


    Need some direction on where to look for work trousers - I recently lost about 4-5" around the gut and so am in a position of needing to build from scratch with the lower-half work wardrobe...

    Where are some of the best places to look for value/quality? I work in consulting and generally think wool slacks look the most professional so that may help in suggestions.

    One place I've been looking...
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  • Mr.
    started a topic Architect's Wardrobe

    Architect's Wardrobe

    Hey all, wanted to see if there are any other architects here, and if so, what is your daily wardrobe?

    Architecture is a tough profession to dress for because it has that old-school professional services bent (like law, banking, etc), but also is a creative field so there is expectation of individual expression and cutting edge style. I'm always caught between dressing like a sober professional (dress trousers, dress shirt, dress...
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  • Steel Toe (or comparable) Work Boots

    First off, I want to say I understand that work boots of this nature are, first and foremost, for safety. I know there is a possibility that some readers roll their eyes at my quest for an aesthetically pleasing boot used for out in the field. My position requires me to make job site visits where construction crews do anything from erecting multi-ton steel to framing walls. Needless to say, I'm encouraged to wear steel-toe boots while on site....
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  • sojo2600
    started a topic Tough Chino/Khaki for Semi-daily Use?

    Tough Chino/Khaki for Semi-daily Use?

    Hey, guys.

    I work in tech on the West Coast, but not for one of the big name companies, so the dress standard is pretty low. That being said, I'm trying to improve my own standard above the daily jean look that I've been rocking for over three years now. I use to have a pair of chino's that I would wear often to mix it up, but they lasted less than a year. It seems like there are a lot of brands out there that people swear by, so...
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  • aaron
    started a topic Help finding very affordable pants

    Help finding very affordable pants

    Hey all! Thanks in advance for your help.

    I have a new job coming up in a few months, and I have no pants to wear to work. I'm trying to figure out somewhere to buy something that is appropriate for me. I'd rather not pay more than $40 for a pair of pants, though that isn't set in stone--if I need to pay more, I'll pay more.

    Here is what I have now, and why it doesn't work for me:

    Levi's 513 29x32 - Perfect...
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  • Brendan Cindric
    started a topic Off the Rack Fitted Shirts

    Off the Rack Fitted Shirts

    Wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on places for off the rack fitted shirts in Canada and the US. I have always had a preference for the Banana Republic ones and also the Stafford ones from JC Penny unfortunately when ever I go now their selection is lacking in the more common sizes and I think the quality has gone down significantly.
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  • jake89
    started a topic How wide is your belt for work?

    How wide is your belt for work?

    I feel stupid asking this to be honest,
    I see most belts online (ie Hugo Boss) are about 1 1/8 inches wide ( 1.125 inches) ~2.86cm.
    but the black belt I wear to work is 3.5 cm (or 1.3 inches) wide - and basically fills the up the belt loop space which to me looks better then having a skinny belt and then having a more of the waist exposed. I understand that most wide belts are used for Jeans, but the one I use is fancy enough to get...
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  • What do you use to stay organized at work?

    I've made a commitment to myself to use my time more efficiently at work. I find myself coming into work and getting caught up in day-to-day operations as opposed to "big picture" goals/projects. I've started with simply planning out my schedule on a piece of paper, allocating time for each day of the week ahead with day-to-day tasks as well as long term goals.

    If you use a planner or some sort of paper-based organizing...
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