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  • kmarizo
    started a topic Sweater Appreciation thread

    Sweater Appreciation thread

    I'm a bit' of a sweater fiend. I love sweaters. The history, the warmth, the different styles, the stitching/gauge, etc. What type/brand of sweaters do you enjoy wearing?

    For the office - I like 100% Merino v-necks. I pair them with wool trousers & a button-up. On real cold days, I'll wear a full zip-up over the v-neck (kind of like a 'bib' effect but without the bib). I'll take the zip-up off and hang-it up with my overcoat. I have...
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  • Anyone bought a Filson Mackinaw Cruiser in the past few years?

    I've been wanting one of their cruiser jackets for some time and have been hesitant to pull the trigger on it. I've read that Filson's quality has been slipping in recent years, but I've also read some people saying that most of their legacy items (like the Mackinaw wool items) haven't been affected by the quality issues. Even more confusing is that a couple reviews were stating that quality can vary depending on whether you get a solid color vs...
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  • Jcrew Thompson winter suiting 36s and Lands End Top Coat, Medium

    I'm selling two winter suits from the JCREW factory Thompson line. Both suits are 36s with 30x30 pants. The jackets have not been altered but the pants have been shortened a couple inches.

    Navy Flannel Suit, lightly worn $75+shipping

    Orange brown Tweed suit, lightly worn, cm sized tear in the lining $65+shipping

    Lands End Double Breasted Top Coat, size medium, Camel color, unworn...
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  • elduderino260
    started a topic Thick but slim fitting sweaters?

    Thick but slim fitting sweaters?

    I am looking for thick sweaters that are fairly slim. Most chunky sweaters have tons of extra material at the waist and arms, and the fitted ones (e.g., merino v-necks) are typically too light-weight to offer sufficient warmth beyond serving as one of several layers in my climate. Any recommendations?
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  • Two months until my wedding and I don't have a suit. Help?!

    hey guys, posted about this before but now i need to actually purchase something. like, within the next week.

    i really want to stay on the affordable side, maybe ~$300 if possible.

    since my wedding is outdoors in the dead of summer, i am thinking it makes sense to find something in linen or cotton but i am afraid that it might look way too casual.

    for reference, my groomsmen are wearing lightweight...
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  • Lands End Canvas Navy Hopsack Wool Blazer 38/40R (Rare 1st Generation LEC)


    Selling a beautiful Lands End Canvas (1st Generation--2011 or so) Navy Wool Hopsack blazer.
    Only worn once since I bought it.

    Honestly--this is a hidden gem. I haven't seen Lands End produce as good of a blazer before/since, and after storing this away for 4 years, I'm amazed how well it fits me relative to my other jackets (LBM, eHaberdasher/Benjamin). It honestly should go for more--but I think this is...
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  • Buzzword
    started a topic Scuff on my top coat? Repair?

    Scuff on my top coat? Repair?

    Hey, longtime reader of dappered but brand new to the forums and I've got a problem I'm not sure how to solve. I bought a camel top coat and a scuff has appeared on the lapel. Its hard to describe but its like something abrasive was rubbed in a finger nail sized area over and over. The "fuzz" of the wool, or top layer of the coat, appears to have been rubbed off and the bare fabric thread is exposed. Hopefully makes sense. Does anyone...
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  • FS: Ralph Lauren black and navy slim wool suits 38R

    $50 each or $75 for both. Two matching suits, one black, one dark navy. Black suit comes with vest. 100% wool. Both have been slightly tailored in the waist and pants. Both purchased January 2016 and worn only a handful of times. Dry cleaned and kept on cedar hangers in garment bags. Perfect condition. Inseam 30". Sleeves 25". Waist 14" across back panels.
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  • Corey
    started a topic FS: Combat Gent Camel Colored Wool Overcoat - NWT

    FS: Combat Gent Camel Colored Wool Overcoat - NWT

    I found a camel coat with a hood and decided I didn't need two. I have never worn this coat but did remove the tags, etc. It's been sitting in a garment bag in my apt for a couple of months now, and I'm looking to find it a new home. Please take a look and let me know if you're interested. Willing to go outside of Ebay, that's just where it's posted. As far as sizing is concerned, you'll want to take a look at Combat Gent's website. Here are some...
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  • Merlin
    started a topic FS: Schott Slim-Fit Peacoat, Size L

    FS: Schott Slim-Fit Peacoat, Size L

    Hi guys -

    I have a Schott slim-fit peacoat for sale - Melton wool, with leather pocket and under collar trim. Black, size Large. Had it for one season and got another as a gift, so one had to go.

    Not nearly as boxy as standard peacoats, which was my favorite part about the jacket.

    Asking $150 plus shipping. Paypal preferred.

    (All links SFW)

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  • tairby
    started a topic FS: BR Double-Breasted Black Wool Top Coat, Size Medium

    FS: BR Double-Breasted Black Wool Top Coat, Size Medium

    This is another item I posted on -- I'll knock it this one to $90 OBO shipping incl CONUS for dappered's only

    NOTE: the sleeves have been tailored down a couple of inches--for reference I wear 32/33" sleeve in dress shirts (closer to 32")

    from my grailed post:

    Condition 8/10

    The sleeves are tailored to fit my arms--normally a 32/33" for dress shirt sleeves
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  • wclary
    started a topic Filson Ballard Bomber

    Filson Ballard Bomber

    I'm looking for a Filson Wool Ballard Bomber in charcoal size small or X-Small. Any leads, please let me know!
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  • alanm
    started a topic Suitsupply Livorno Grey Stripe 42R $213

    Suitsupply Livorno Grey Stripe 42R $213

    Suit did not fit. See photos below. $213 shipped via paypal gift.

    Fit: This grey Livorno is cut with a slim, well-defined fit from pure wool by Vitale Barberis Canonico. Alongside a lightly padded shoulder and flap pockets, this striped 2-button suit features a padded notch lapel, giving it a smooth, rolling form that's unique to this fit.

    Fabric: The pure wool for this Livorno comes from the Biella region's Vitale Barberis...
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  • Questions about Combatant Gentlemen suit & coat composition??

    EDIT: Vishaal has just responded both in this thread and on Reddit. CHECK OUT HIS RESPONSE HERE, INCLUDING HIS BURN-TEST VIDEO. The tl;dr is that he's pretty much put everyone's concerns to rest (ie. it does not appear that there was any deceit)

    EDIT 2: Since there's apparently concern that clicking a link to Vishaal's post is too challenging for anyone who finds this post, here's the full copy/paste version of Vishaal (the Combatant
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  • UnDapper
    started a topic Necktie advice needed

    Necktie advice needed

    I'm getting married and the 'masculine' color is in the seafoam range. It is much easier to find cotton ties in that color than in any other fabric; however, I am under the suspicion that a cotton tie is inappropriate to wear with a wool suit. I have very little experience wearing suits or ties, and so I need help. Do cotton ties and wool suits go together? Am I just completely off on this? All responses will be appreciated.
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