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  • xucardsfan08
    started a topic Shawl Collar Tuxedo

    Shawl Collar Tuxedo

    So I have a formal wedding coming up in December and am I own the Suit Supply peak-lapel tuxedo package from my own wedding a couple years ago.
    I was planning on wearing my J. Crew velvet shawl blazer instead of the peak lapel jacket.

    As for the accessories, what's the best option?

    A) None
    B) Cummerbund
    C) Suspenders
    D) Cummerbund + suspenders
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  • Wedding suit rental or purchase- dark green

    Getting married in about a year (march/april 2020). Been to many weddings at this point and haven't seen anyone rock the dark green suit.
    I think this look is pretty fresh and different.
    I'm on east coast but the company is based on the west coast and their site doesn't seem to comply for this suit (for a few week out rental test, or for closer to the actual date.

    Want to...
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  • Ryan Burwinkel
    started a topic Midnight/Navy Wedding Tux Q's

    Midnight/Navy Wedding Tux Q's

    Hey there!

    A couple questions as I consider getting a custom 3-piece navy tuxedo made by Enzo. for my upcoming wedding:

    Best Lapels for Big Guys?

    I've seen some guides suggest that peak lapels are best to emphasize the shoulders, while others suggest a shawl lapel could be slimming.

    I look like this:

    (Yes, the blazer's a bit big, since I bought it about 60lbs ago. Three guesses...
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  • arunvarghese
    started a topic Brown/Chocolate Wedding Suit

    Brown/Chocolate Wedding Suit

    Hey there everyone! Just was curious if I could pick y'alls brain on ideas for a brown wedding suit. I wanted to break away from the Black/Blue color and pick black. I liked the idea of a 40/50's classic brown look. Any thoughts or suggestions for where I can find a winner?

    Some inspiration was this color that Danny Amendola wore here:

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  • Is wearing a tuxedo for a wedding going extinct?

    I am not married, but I would say in the last 6 or so years, 9 out of 10 people that I have seen getting married, are wearing some variation of a blue or gray suit, and not a tuxedo. This seems to be the trend for people I know irl and the online pictures that I have seen. Is the traditional tuxedo for a wedding going extinct, is this just a recent trend, or am I imagining all of this?
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  • a_williams63
    started a topic Wedding Tux Help

    Wedding Tux Help


    I'm getting married next June and am in the hunt for a tuxedo. Finding an affordable option is proving more challenging than I had thought, so I thought I would turn to the collective wisdom of the Dappered community. I'm looking for a traditional black tuxedo with either a peak or shawl lapel somewhere south of the $400 range. I had planned on going with the JCF tuxedo, but after trying it on in person, I wasn't super impressed...
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  • billstickers
    started a topic Budget Wedding Outfit

    Budget Wedding Outfit

    Hi all. I have an early September wedding to attend. It won't be a super-formal affair, but it isn't outdoors either and money is a definite issue. I have a J Crew Ludlow cotten/linen un-suit jacket in Chambray Green, along with a white GoodThreads shirt, a couple of JC Factory linen shirts in blue and white, and some very casual chinos. That's it for existing pieces. At minimum I will need a new pair of shoes, some pants, belt and tie and I would...
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  • Two months until my wedding and I don't have a suit. Help?!

    hey guys, posted about this before but now i need to actually purchase something. like, within the next week.

    i really want to stay on the affordable side, maybe ~$300 if possible.

    since my wedding is outdoors in the dead of summer, i am thinking it makes sense to find something in linen or cotton but i am afraid that it might look way too casual.

    for reference, my groomsmen are wearing lightweight...
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  • The_Genius
    started a topic Wedding Suit? Buy not Rent

    Wedding Suit? Buy not Rent

    Im getting married in August and would rather purchase a suit rather than rent because the ROI is much higher. I don't want to spend $200 on renting a suit when I can buy a perfectly good one.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best place, for the price, suits? I am planning on paying for half of my groomsman's suits as well as my gift. Lets say Sub $400-$500?

    For the colors if that matters, id be in a slightly...
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  • Groom Shoe's for a Wedding - Need Ideas?

    Hello there. I have a wedding in around 3 months time and unfortunately it's my own this time, so I don't really want to be lending my mates clobber like usual. We're not worried about straying from the traditional and I didn't just want to be dressed in a boring suit. I've actually managed to find a really nice Ted Baker light blue suit that we both really love and it fits like a dream, so I'm now looking for the right shoes to partner the suit....
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  • WearWhere
    started a topic Allen Edmonds Wedding Deal

    Allen Edmonds Wedding Deal

    This may have been talked about before, but until today I wasn't aware of this so I thought I'd toss it out there for any future grooms.
    Apparently if you're getting married, Allen Edmonds will give you a deal on shoes plus a free belt and their cedar shoe trees.
    Not sure if this applies online, since I was in-store. I walked in and asked to get sized because I was considering a pair of Strands for our wedding day and the salesman...
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  • Help me choose the perfect Bridal Gown for my Wedding


    I've been thinking what style of bridal dresses to choose on my wedding day. I want to gather suggestions before I decide what to pick.

    Looking forward to more of your suggestions
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  • rdgriff
    started a topic Casual Wedding on the Beach

    Casual Wedding on the Beach

    Hi Guys,

    As an east coast native living in Los Angeles, I traded in my Sperry's for Vans when I moved here years ago and generally feel is on the preppy side for my taste. That being said, I am looking for some advice on a beach wedding outfit in May. I remembered the "Style Scenario: Summer Wedding, Super Casual" ( article months and...
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  • gm620
    started a topic Tuxedo pants

    Tuxedo pants

    Hi guys,

    I'm getting myself a custom tux from Blank Label for my wedding. I'm deciding between a satin stripe vs no stripe for the pants (I don't think grosgrain is an option there). Any thoughts? The guy there said that many people choose to go without the stripe, which is what I would also prefer. But the online community tends to look down on tux pants without a stripe.

    For the rest of the outfit, it's black,...
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  • Wedding Advice - Suit for Groom, Pants/Suspenders for groomsmen?

    Hey Dappered community,

    I got engaged a few months ago and am getting married next summer and I've got a few questions for you guys to help me out with some planning things:

    1. Right now I'm planning on wearing a navy suit - I'm also currently 6'5", 170 with ~ 36.5 inch sleeves required. So finding a suit that fights well is always a struggle. I'm willing to shell out ~$500, but don't know if I'm willing to go significantly...
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