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  • ckeelor
    started a topic Spier & McKay - 6'-2"

    Spier & McKay - 6'-2"

    Anyone with height have experience with their suits or jackets? I normally take a 42L, which they don't carry, but I understand the sleeves can be let out about an inch.

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  • tpatterson
    started a topic Best Fitting Workout Shirts

    Best Fitting Workout Shirts

    Excited to intro the "Best Fitting Performance Shirt" by Guroo Active. Started the line about 6 month ago, sold out of our limited production run, and just now launched a Kickstarter to allow full-scale manufacturing.

    The idea is pretty simple. Performance workout shirts often don't fit well (too long, too short, super baggy) but you can't get them adjusted by a tailor unless you know an amazing tailor that will sew a flatlock...
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  • The_Genius
    started a topic Pants sizing dilemma...

    Pants sizing dilemma...


    So i am having issues finding pants in my size mainly because I'm tall and thin, 5'11 with a 30 waist. i really need 30/34 pants for them to not look stupid short on my legs. the issue is these pants aren't in any stores i go to and the online selection normally sucks. Would getting 32/34 and just tailoring them down be the best option?
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  • gochrisgo
    started a topic Sweaters for tall guys

    Sweaters for tall guys

    Hey, I've read through a bunch of the tall threads on here, but haven't turned anything up, so I thought I'd give a fresh post a shot.

    Can anyone suggest a place to find a sweater for a tall guy? I'm 6'4, but only a 32 in pants, so most of my height is above my waist.

    J Crew talls are usually too short for me. Banana Republic was my go-to but BR's new Euro styling doesn't do it for me. I check Rochester Big and Tall...
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  • Has Banana Republic changed design direction?

    I'm a tall guy (6'4) working in sales in a business casual plus type environment. I have depended on Banana for a long time, especially for sweaters and jackets since they have a solid collection of clothes in tall sizes.

    This season, they seem to have totally changed their style. They don't have many basics anymore. Almost every sweater has toggles, stripes, even asymmetric zippers or rope closures. It reminds me of what I would call...
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  • FS: Harris Tweed Herringbone Jacket, 54XL (Extra Long)

    Authentic, genuine Harris Tweed for the bigger, taller man. I bought this jacket new from the Big Men|Tall Men|Stout Men's Shop in Framingham, MA about 5 years ago, and have since lost some weight, but I actually miss having this jacket fit me. There is a bit of wear around the left inner pocket (see picture; near the Harris Tweed patch) but I'm more than happy to have that fixed - I'll be having this dry cleaned before sending it out to you. Great...
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  • dannyrk
    started a topic Summer Wedding

    Summer Wedding

    Hey fellas,

    I'm looking for some advice. My sister is having an outdoor wedding this summer (end of May) and I need to figure out what I'm wearing. She's pretty unconventional and doesn't care about matching colors or anything in the wedding party. So it's totally up to me. I need everything, head to toe. I've been looking specifically at the J. Crew Ludlow suits (particularly those featured in the most recent Thursday handful for 30%...
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  • facelessghost
    started a topic BR tailored slim fit dress shirts - Medium TALL

    BR tailored slim fit dress shirts - Medium TALL

    Last year I decided that the tailored slim fit was absolutely perfect for me. Since then, I've started running less and lifting more, and the fit now pulls through the chest for me. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that until I'd already added a couple of new shirts to my collection. With that in mind, I'm trying to unload my two most recent purchases so I can buy something that fits me a little better. Both of the shirts below are non-iron Banana...
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  • Zulmann
    started a topic Custom Cotton Blazer

    Custom Cotton Blazer

    Does anyone know of a custom clothing website that sells cotton blazers? Indochino has a custom wool blazer, but I didn't see cotton the last time I checked.

    I'm tall, about 6'5", and I have long arms even for my height (about 38/39 in dress shirt sleeve length). Finding an off-the-rack blazer (48XL) has turned out to be impossible, outside of Men's Wearhouse, and I wasn't very impressed by their selection of cotton blazers, but...
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  • Big sell off from a tall guy: J Crew, Bonobos, Gap, Levis, Boden, Cole Haan, etc

    Hey guys, I've got a lot of stuff I need to get out of my house. Feel free to ask me any questions or make offers. I can take more pictures or measure things if wanted. I’ll ship free if you buy 3 or more items. There are a lot of pictures here:

    I haven’t been active on the forum since they did the revamp, but had sold some on the old one. If that’s a problem...
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  • Blazers, Sport Coats, Suits & Tailoring for the Tall & Slender

    Hey everyone. 7 month "lurker", first time poster. Really enjoy the advice and tips I've picked up from browsing the forum and now I come to the masters for some help....

    I have a job where the day-to-day attire is "smart casual", but have found myself more and more in need of some blazers, sport coats & suits... plus, I just turned 28 and feel these are just things I should have more of by now. Part of the...
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  • Clothing Sources for Tall and Thin Gentlemen

    Hi guys,

    I thought I would start a (hopefully) ever-ongoing thread where tall and thin guys can share good finds that overcome the specific difficulties we face as orangutan-armed, slim/athletic bodied fellows. What's prompted me to start this is: I'm trying to buy a simple lightweight wool v-neck, but of course Mediums fit around the chest but leave several inches off my appropriate sleeve length. A place like J Crew has the "Tall"...
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