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  • dpstein
    started a topic Tailor in LA (eastside)

    Tailor in LA (eastside)

    Hi! Does anyone have a good tailor in LA on the eastside (Silverlake, Los Feliz, etc). I'm looking for someone to do jeans with original hem? Also, what was the cost?


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    started a topic Indianapolis Area Tailor?

    Indianapolis Area Tailor?

    Just moved to the area and I am in need of a go-to tailor for dress shirts/suits/trousers/pants.
    Any suggestions from the Thread mob?
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  • Brand new dress shirts: Do you wash them first before having them tailored?

    I have some new CT dress shirts that need to be tailored. I am afraid that if I have the shirts tailored first and they happen to shrink after washing them for the first time, I am screwed.

    If I cold wash and hang dry, I should be okay? In the absence of heat, are CT shirts known to shrink just by washing/hang drying?

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  • d10tx
    started a topic Add lining to an unlined blazer?

    Add lining to an unlined blazer?

    Is that something that a tailor can do? Is that something that people ever do? It's this blazer linked below. I think it's unlined because it has that silly removable vest.

    It's the first unlined jacket I've had. I'm keen on the color and fit, but it bothers me that it's unlined (except for the sleeves). I put it on and take it off throughout...
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  • Need a suit for a wedding, but will be out of the country for 3 months before..

    My mom is getting married in April. As I do not own a suit yet, I want to get a nice, new suit (I was thinking Charcoal) that I can have tailored to fit me exactly. HOWEVER, I am going to be in South East Asia for 3 months and I will fly back into where my mom lives (across the country from where I live) about a week before the wedding.

    My question is: If I get a suit before I leave on the trip and have it tailored to me, is the 3...
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  • DK
    started a topic Do You Tailor Your Shirts?

    Do You Tailor Your Shirts?

    Joe posts a lot of picks on the site here from places like J Crew or Banana Republic in a regular fit, or at least fits that aren't always very trim. I find that not a single shirt has ever fit me well off the rack... Do you tailor all your shirts? (Make the sleeves a bit tighter, maybe the waist a bit too...?) Do you just assume that every shirt you buy will have to be tailored? Is that just a given to most of you? Otherwise it seems I can never...
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  • Any good tailor recommendations in Dallas area?

    Looking for someone who does good work and relatively inexpensive.
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  • Seeking Tailor in NoVA (Fairfax/Loudoun)

    Could anyone recommend a good tailor in the Loudoun/western Fairfax area of Northern Virginia? I work in western Loudoun and am about to be moving close to Fairfax City, so I'll cover a pretty wide area during the week. A previous post from 2012 recommended Best Tailoring on Lee Highway which is 4-5 of miles east of where I'll be living. That may very well be the answer, but I thought that it couldn't hurt to ask for more suggestions.
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  • Cashmere Ralph Lauren Sportcoat Question


    A few years ago, I found a 100% dark navy cashmere sport coat at a Ralph Lauren outlet, in my size, that retailed for $2,000, for $200. Obviously I bought it and it is one of the nicest things I own.

    I have worn it so much over the years that I blew an elbow out. I took it to my tailor to get dark (or chocolate brown) elbow patches put on. When I picked the coat up, the elbow patches were extremely cheap looking,...
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  • @andrew
    started a topic Removing shoulder pads

    Removing shoulder pads

    Last night I bought this suit after spending four days with an Alfani Red and deciding the low armholes were too much of a hindrance. (Seriously, they were horrible.)

    I had to size up to a 40S (usually a 38R/S) in the Claiborne, because the shoulders on the 38 pulled a tiny bit, making the the shoulder pads stick out unnaturally. It'll need some suppression in the waist, but the 40S looks pretty good. My only complaint is that the shoulders...
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  • scarr92
    started a topic Button Shirts w/o tailoring

    Button Shirts w/o tailoring

    I own a bunch of JCF button downs that I pretty much wear everywhere. They're only about $30 during sales and perfect to wear to class/work/going out (I'm a college student). I'm considering the importance of having a good tailor and so I visited one in my area (southern CA) that was supposed to be one of the more affordable in town and he said it'd be $60 to shorten the sleeves and $20-30 to bring in the sides. Obviously this is way too much. So...
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  • dapper_dan
    started a topic Indochino Traveling Tailor

    Indochino Traveling Tailor

    Hi all.

    New to the dappered threads, but really enjoying all of the knowedge/tips so far. Question for everyone: Has anyone done the Indochino Traveling Tailor fittings before? I would like to get all my measurements professionally taken and this seems like a good opportunity, as long as there is no obligation to buy...

    Any thoughts?
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  • Cost of getting back pleats in button up shirts.

    Anyone get this done, have an idea on cost, and is it worth it?
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