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  • Proper Cloth launches custom suits, slacks, jackets

    Hey guys,

    I'm hard to fit and have become a big fan of the Proper Cloth custom shirts at a decently affordable price.

    Excited to see that their tailored things just launched:

    Unfortunately I bought a new suit a few months back and probably won't need to try these right away. I'm hoping Proper Cloth will be better for the bigger sized guys. SuSu won't work...
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  • New to the Site - I have a few questions

    Good morning everyone. I'm pushing 50 this year and work in Sales which has me traveling across the Country (and sometimes the Globe). I've traditionally been a Calvin Klein/Kenneth Cole 'look' guy (for lack of a better term) and have recently stumbled across Alpha M and now this Site.

    I'm looking for suggestions on the best Sport Coat / Pants suggestion that are functional and diverse. As well as a good suit option that won't...
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  • Apollo
    started a topic Bespoke Suits In 2018

    Bespoke Suits In 2018

    Hello All,

    I am currently separating from the military to finish up my undergraduate degree. I could buy suits from Brooks Brothers (I'm a corporate member), but I was thinking about buying one bespoke suit for special events or internships. Do you have any recommendations of places to buy a quality bespoke suit in NY or PA (I will most likely go to a school in Philly)?
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  • The_Genius
    started a topic Wedding Suit? Buy not Rent

    Wedding Suit? Buy not Rent

    Im getting married in August and would rather purchase a suit rather than rent because the ROI is much higher. I don't want to spend $200 on renting a suit when I can buy a perfectly good one.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best place, for the price, suits? I am planning on paying for half of my groomsman's suits as well as my gift. Lets say Sub $400-$500?

    For the colors if that matters, id be in a slightly...
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  • FS: Suitsupply Grey Bodywarner - Size M ($75) w/ photos!

    In the spirit of @wsjups goal for a leaner wardrobe, I am listing a gently used GreySuitsupply Bodywarmer (BW021). My asking price is $75 shipped.

    Stock Photos:

    IRL Photos:

    What I like about it
    • Versatile color to go with most outfits
    • Comfortable. lightweight
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  • FS: Cleaning our closet (ties, suits, J. Crew pants; 32 x 30, 38s, M)

    Hi there,

    I am (finally) cleaning out my closet to downsize before moving, and have a number of items that I’ve never work (or worn a few times). Prices are negotiable, especially if purchasing more than two items.

    Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow, and will add ties as well; prices are shipped CONUS.

    Please feel free to comment with any questions! I’m 5’11”, 170, and can add commentary on fit...
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  • Dmball
    started a topic NWT SuitSupply 40S Suits for Sale!

    NWT SuitSupply 40S Suits for Sale!

    Hi All,

    Unfortunately, I took a gamble on size (40S) and lost on the SuitSupply outlet. I'd like to find a good home for these two sutis - never worn, never altered, still with tags attached.

    1) Suitsupply Lazio Grey Stripe, 40S, $210 (Retails for $399)

    2) Suitsupply Sienna Light Grey Stripe, 40S, $330 (Retails for $639)

    Please hit me up if you're interested!
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  • phsiao08
    started a topic Looking for SuitSupply 38R

    Looking for SuitSupply 38R

    Havana or Siennas if available
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  • Business Dinner at High End Steak House. What to wear?

    So I've got a business dinner at a pretty high end steakhouse in Las Vegas. This will be my first time attending something like this and I'm looking for some outfit recommendations.

    I know I'll be wearing a suit, but not sure what color and with what matching shirt, tie, and shoes.

    The suits I have on hand:
    • Navy JCF worsted wool
    • Grey linen suit
    • Traditional black suit
    • Navy tuxedo w/ black lapels

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  • FS: Indochino Suits 42R - Navy, Mid Gray, Charcoal

    All suits were purchased around five years ago from Indochino and fit like a 42R. I have since upgraded to all Suit Supply Napoli and these have many years of service left. All suits have standard notch lapels, flat front trousers, non-functioning button cuffs and pick stitching. Jacket is a 42R with 33.5" sleeve. Pants have 34/36" waist with 30" inseam and enough material to be lengthened an additional 4".

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  • FS: Stable Suits 38S - 40R, Suit Supply, J Crew, Banana Republic, Varvatos

    For sale are some very reasonably priced, lightly used, staple suits. All bought/made for myself with very similar dimensions. All are lightly worn and well cared for. All are dual vented.

    Banana Republic Suit - Gray Pinstripe - 38S, unaltered but hemmed.
    P2P: 20”
    Shoulders: 17.75”
    Sleeve: 25”
    Back: Top of collar to bottom 30”, bottom of collar to tail 28.5”
    Pants: Listed 32”...
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  • CShap
    started a topic Vegan Suits- help!

    Vegan Suits- help!

    So I am set to be a groomsman for my friends wedding, and he is looking for a quality, affordable suit we can all wear. The problem is the suit he is looking at is made of 100% wool (I know the majority of suits contain wool), which, as someone who abstains from buying materials made from animals, I will not buy it. Luckily my friend is very open to the idea of exploring synthetic/non-wool suits, but he understandably wants it to be good quality...
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  • How much can tailoring fix jackets that don't fit?

    Hey here's my situation. I have several suit jackets that I bought on the guidance of an ill-informed store employee, and they're a full size too big. These are 40S jackets, and turns out I'm a 38 (sometimes 36).

    So my question is this: are these a lost cause? Can a tailor really reshape the shoulder width / fit issues associated with jackets that are a full size off? Has anyone had similar problems? They're nice suits,...
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  • ashlandba
    started a topic Less Formal Suit

    Less Formal Suit


    I work in a business casual office, but I'd like to step my game up a bit and wear more suits. I already have the standard wool, business-y, navy and charcoal suits (I'm not opposed to getting something else in these colors by the way). But I'm interested in a more "casual" suit (if that's the right term). Something that I can wear in the office, look good, but also wear out for drinks, or to a party, without looking...
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  • Danny
    started a topic Combatantgent restock!

    Combatantgent restock!

    They just got a restock of sizes in for many of their suits. What's more, you can get 15% off with the promo code ALITTLEBIRDTOLDME.
    Happy hunting!
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