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  • What brand/type of pants are thse?

    Does anyone know what type/brand of pants these are? I'm pretty sure they're joggers, and a lot of places sell joggers, but these ones look thinner and must be so comfortable. I've been jogger shopping many times and I can never find ones that are like this. If anyone recognizes the pattern and therefore would be able to direct me to the brand, or if anyone knows what type of joggers these are and can therefore help me narrow down my search, that...
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  • Groom Shoe's for a Wedding - Need Ideas?

    Hello there. I have a wedding in around 3 months time and unfortunately it's my own this time, so I don't really want to be lending my mates clobber like usual. We're not worried about straying from the traditional and I didn't just want to be dressed in a boring suit. I've actually managed to find a really nice Ted Baker light blue suit that we both really love and it fits like a dream, so I'm now looking for the right shoes to partner the suit....
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  • TheCarbonComb
    started a topic The Carbon Comb

    The Carbon Comb


    The Carbon Comb is a one of a kind product on Kickstarter at the moment! It features a beard, hair and regular types of combs made out of real carbon fiber! These are unbreakable, look amazing and the only ones like it in the world! If you want to spice up your wardrobe check out the link below and get a comb before they are gone!
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    Hey there Dappered readers!

    My name is Jalin and I'm the Digital Marketing intern at a brand new startup called Sunset And Park and I'm so excited to show you guys what we're offering! At the moment we're hosting a competition for people to enter to be the FIRST 10 PEOPLE in the world to receive our package of custom-fitted, designer t-shirts!

    It's a very simple process and it's FREE! There is no purchase
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  • New Republic by Mark McNairy - Thoughts?

    First time poster here, long time lurker. Has anyone checked out Mark McNairy's super-affordable line, New Republic? I'd love to hear some thoughts or experiences. They seem like JC Penny quality shoes with Mark McNairy's design touches. Link to website:
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  • willieb83
    started a topic New British Brand Boston & Stewill

    New British Brand Boston & Stewill

    Hi there,

    For those of you who like watches and are keen on helping a new brand grow, take a look at Boston & Stewill.

    They are currently available on Kickstarter from between £150($232)-£225($349) (RRP £399 ($620)) here:

    Thanks for your time

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  • NVteam
    started a topic T-Holder


    We have created an invention in fashion world, named T-Holder. T-holder is shirt holder, which could help every bussiness man, woman or just anyone who wears shirts, to hold their shirts tucked in for a better appearance. Here is our indieGoGo campaign:
    We would like to know what do you think about it. Thank you
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  • Mattscarry
    started a topic Pairing colors

    Pairing colors

    Can i wear a very light pink shirt with a light blue bow tie and black dress pants? Or is that too many different colors?
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  • Paul_
    started a topic Looking for writer on men's style and fashion

    Looking for writer on men's style and fashion

    For a blog of mine aimed at the modern gentleman I am looking for someone who likes to write about men's style and fashion. Fashion and style should really be your passion! The blog is not a big earner at the moment so I can't pay too much but for someone who enjoys writing it may be some nice money on the side. Think in the range of $10 for an in-depth article or $5 for a shorter article. PM me if you are interested!
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  • Ferro - A watch inspired by Sports Car Tachometers!

    Hello all,

    My name is Nil and I am the co-creator and designer of Ferro Watches - A superior minimalist watch of original and unexpected design, with Swiss Quartz or Japan Automatic movements. A fascinating watch that has been carefully designed and created with simplicity, modernity and elegance in mind.

    Inspired by tachometer of sports cars, Ferro is geared with 316L brushed stainless steel 44 mm case and buckle,...
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  • hambone
    started a topic Help finding theses sunglasses!

    Help finding theses sunglasses!

    I saw this on Mr. Modern Gentleman. Great blog to follow for the menswear enthusiast. Just wondering if anyone knew where to find the sunglasses this gentleman is wearing
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  • Vincero - Automatic Watches Handcrafted with Italian Marble

    Hello Dappered Readers,

    We are a brand offering luxury small batch, limited release watches that are extremely unique.

    Our first line of mechanical watches incorporate the same types of Italian marble that Michelangelo used to carve the Statue of David and used to build the Roman empire.

    Our team has a long history of product development, the latest being in the watch industry. Vincero is the result...
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  • Frank & Oak Laurier Blazer question

    I am interested in Frank & Oak's Laurier Blazer, but am curious about how it fits, say compared to an Alfani or H&M suit jacket. It looks like they offer a rather modern fit, perhaps too short and with too high a button stance. See: Thoughts?

    Edit: Sorry, I reposted this in the simple questions thread, but I can't seem to delete this o...
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  • I made a small web app that lets you evaluate your wardrobe

    Its a small app that helps you determine what parts of your wardrobe are in most need of improvement. You can also request or create outfits for others and review clothing items.

    If you think it might be useful go check it out, its called:

    //(I'm looking for early testers too)
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  • DK
    started a topic Dressing Like Harvey Specter

    Dressing Like Harvey Specter

    I seem to have a bit of a problem. Ever since I started watching the show Suits (which I assume many of you know of and have seen ) I keep finding myself pondering whether or not Harvey would wear a particular piece of clothing —*and not just thinking whether *I* would want to wear it. You see, I really like the way he dresses (both casually, on the rare occasions that he does, and formally) and very much want to have a similar look. I have always...
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