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  • What no-show socks with loafers do you wear?

    I recently bought my first pair of loafers (during the AE clearance sale) and I want to wear them with shorts during the summer. So naturally I cannot (or will not!) wear ankle socks with them.

    I'd like to wear no-show socks with them. Trouble is, the no-show sock I have come up just to, or slightly above, the shoe. And even when wearing the socks that come up to the side of the shoe, it looks kind of silly. Especially when looking...
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  • mmicg
    started a topic Socks with Allen Edmonds Boots

    Socks with Allen Edmonds Boots

    I just got a pair of (seconds) Higgins Mill boots in Natural. They are by far, the nicest looking and most comfortable pair of boots I've ever worn. I'm curious what kind of socks other people have been wearing them with. I've been wearing them with cotton dress socks (I know, I know - wool dress socks would be better), but wondering if anyone else has a suggestion on something specific that might be more comfortable from both a comfort and foot...
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  • runbike29
    started a topic Quality Sock Brands

    Quality Sock Brands

    Hey guys, can anyone recommend a good brand for socks that are both affordable and durable? Thanks for your help!
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  • sdjackofclubs
    started a topic No-Show Socks

    No-Show Socks

    Does anybody have a source for no-show socks that's a better value than Uniqlo? Yes, theirs are inexpensive, and fairly comfortable the first wear. But I've noticed that after one or two wears, they begin to slip off much more easily. I don't need these things to last for years and years. I'd like them to last for a single spring-summer season. Any suggestions?
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  • Sylvati
    started a topic Sustainability in Fashion

    Sustainability in Fashion

    I am one of the co-founders of Sylvati - a US dress sock startup that just launched. We are selling through our own subscription service at

    Our socks are really one-of-a-kind. They are practically made out of paper and the fiber production has only 3% of the environmental impact of cotton.

    They are softer and silkier to the touch than any cotton socks. Our designs are elegant and in colors meant to...
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  • astn
    started a topic The Ultimate Grey Soct

    The Ultimate Grey Soct

    Hi Everyone,

    First time to Threads, but avid reader of Dappered.

    Recently I've been trying to simplify my wardrobe and have run into a reccuring problem in my sock drawer. I have special socks, light brown socks, dark brown socks, black socks, navy socks. Probably over 20 pairs of dress socks and very few repeats. I need to change this. I want to get one pair of dress sock that meets 80% of my needs. I have settled on...
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  • Society Socks - Bold Socks with a Social Cause

    Hey guys!

    When working on our company, we wanted to combine two causes we really care about: style and social impact. With this in mind, Society Socks was born. With every pair of socks purchased, we'll be donating a pair of socks to the Covenant House, a support centre for homeless youth.

    Now you can not only deck yourself out with some awesome socks, but support a great cause too

    I'd love to hear...
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  • TaylorO
    started a topic New Sock Company

    New Sock Company

    What do you guys think of
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  • TaylorO
    started a topic FEAT Socks

    FEAT Socks

    Use the code "SockGame" to get 15% off FEAT Socks
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  • Jairus
    started a topic Sock Recommendations

    Sock Recommendations

    Due to the weather I have been wearing my boots, but because I have some crappy socks my toes have fallen victim to that dreaded thick stitch at the top of my toe knuckles.

    Can anyone recommend a pair of socks that are super soft and have either less of beefy stitch near the toes or none at all?
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  • alanm
    started a topic Brooks Brothers Clearance Finds

    Brooks Brothers Clearance Finds

    Since the main site's comments are down, I'm going to throw this in here. Anyone have any experience with BB's socks? I picked up a pair of cotton over-the-calfs, but wondering about their durability. I bought a pair of their wool socks through Nordstrom a while back and they shrunk down so much as to almost be unwearable.

    Also, picked up this tie in two colors. Seems like a great price ($35.70) for a pretty basic tie...although I wish...
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  • rikardo
    started a topic 10% off Premium Stylish Socks - Soxy Monthly Subscription

    10% off Premium Stylish Socks - Soxy Monthly Subscription

    For all the sock enthusiasts who hate going to the mall, this is a great deal from Soxy - 5 stylish pairs for $39, shipping is included.

    Last month's sockage:

    Use Coupon code - Rikardo10 - for upgraded shipping and 10% discount...
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  • Soxy Recycling Mission - 1,000,000 Socks!

    Hey Fellas,

    It's great to finally come out and chat with you guys on a personal level, I've been a member of the community for quite some time under an alias and was hoping this may be of interest to some of you.

    If you've ever shopped with us, you'll know that we strive to build relationships with each and every person - we hate robots and terrible customer service. WIth that being said, if we ever run into each other,...
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  • elduderino260
    started a topic Help with color combinations

    Help with color combinations

    Hey all. I'm stuck on color and pattern combinations...

    I've got a date at a whiskey (whisky) bar next weekend. It's my first one since I've become more conscious of my appearance. My blazer is currently away at the tailors so I can't put up a fit check, but that isn't my main problem anyway. I'm struggling with color combinations. I am definitely going with my brown blazer and dark wash jeans, but am coming up with question marks when...
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  • rikardo
    started a topic 10% OFF Monthly Sock Subscription

    10% OFF Monthly Sock Subscription

    Just placed an order on Soxyy and they gave me a discount code for 10% off to share.

    Not sure how many uses there are, just sent an email inquiring about it. Will get back on that.

    Coupon code: Rikardo10
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