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  • Pie_Man
    started a topic Slim Fit Outerwear Vest

    Slim Fit Outerwear Vest

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an outerwear vest that is on the slim side? I tried Land's End's Puffer Vest last season which was very boxy on me. I am thinking of trying the JCF Walker vest, thoughts on the JCF Walker, or other slim fit outerwear vests are appreciated. Thank you.
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  • Shade
    started a topic Vineyard Vines

    Vineyard Vines

    They don't get much play on here, but Ive been checking them out recently and they have some nice summer fabrics. Anyone have any advice on their fits. I've been looking at the Slim "Tucker" fit, but havent been really able to find much on how slim they really are. Does anyone have any advice they could give on their various fits and how they would compare to a BB, CT, JCrew, or BR branded shirt. Thanks!
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  • austinm
    started a topic Polo Shirts -- Polo RL and BB -- Size S

    Polo Shirts -- Polo RL and BB -- Size S

    I have Polo Ralph Lauren custom fit polos in royal blue, navy, purple, and red. And I have BB slim fit polos in red, orange, and "moonlight blue." All are in size small. I'll take $25 each per RL polo, $20 each per BB polo, or $100 for all of them. I can provide pics if anyone is interested.

    I am selling because they no longer fit me. They are in great shape. A couple have slight fading in the collar, though.

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  • wheresbrando
    started a topic 32/32 Pants Bundle (Gap/Brooks Bros)

    32/32 Pants Bundle (Gap/Brooks Bros)

    Hey everyone-

    I have 3 pairs of pants that I can't fit into anymore:

    First is a really nice pair of BB Milano cut chinos. I don't know much about which kind of chino they are, as the tag does not clarify, but they are great quality. Nice thick construction. Stone color, flat front, 33x32. Worn less than 5 times as they never really fit well in the first place. I am thin but have a large seat and thighs, so its hard finding...
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  • Slim / Skinny Shorts Discussion & Comparison Thread

    This thread is for discussing, and comparing slim and skinny fitting shorts.

    Before we even start, let's go ahead and get this out of the way:
    "**Generic chicken-legs joke** just do some squats!"
    Got it. Will do. Moving on.

    Plenty of us have found out the hard way just how bad shorts tend to look when they have too much extra room. Unfortunately, slim fitting shorts aren't nearly as abundant...
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  • Spier & Mackay Shirts: First Impressions

    Decided to give them a try after some recommendations on this forum, and thought I would share my experience.

    I purchased:
    Blue & Tan Kineton Check (Contemporary Fit) Size 15 1/2
    White Poplin 100s (Slim Fit) Size 15 1/2
    Cloud Blue Oxford http:/...
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  • DK
    started a topic Shirts for slim guy

    Shirts for slim guy

    Hey all,

    I used to get Banana Republic shirts in their Slim Fit in a size XS. They fit me perfectly (as, like all companies, they made their shirts too big, and XS was sizing down for me). However, they recently changed their fit, and the XS is too tight on me now. I thought that maybe ordering a size XS from Gap would get me the same old fit of BR, but the Gap shirts are way too short. But that's the thing —*other than the length,...
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  • classicuniversity
    started a topic ASOS Tweed Blazer Slim Fit

    ASOS Tweed Blazer Slim Fit

    Starting bidding: $50
    Buy now $100
    Shipping: $12
    MSRP: $143

    *pictures available in link*
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  • felixlk
    started a topic Pants with Small Leg Openings

    Pants with Small Leg Openings

    Hey Guys,

    I have been on the look-out for some pants/chinos/khakis with smaller leg openings. I am on the bigger side, normally wearing pants with waist 36 or 38, but I still like to wear slim pants as they fit me better. However, I realized that as pant waists go up, so do their leg openings, so by the time a 14" leg opening for a waist 32 gets to a waist 38, the opening is already too big for my taste. Does anyone here have...
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  • facelessghost
    started a topic BR tailored slim fit dress shirts - Medium TALL

    BR tailored slim fit dress shirts - Medium TALL

    Last year I decided that the tailored slim fit was absolutely perfect for me. Since then, I've started running less and lifting more, and the fit now pulls through the chest for me. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that until I'd already added a couple of new shirts to my collection. With that in mind, I'm trying to unload my two most recent purchases so I can buy something that fits me a little better. Both of the shirts below are non-iron Banana...
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  • Tees for guys with smaller arms

    Every time I see tees talked about, it seems like the focus is on the chest, waist, body length and sleeve length; people always leave out a discussion of arm-opening size. If the arm-opening is much larger than your bicep, it’s going to make the shirt look bad on you because it’s going to turn into a weird looking wing. If the arm opening is much smaller than your bicep it’s probably going to look bad, too. Ideally, you want an arm opening...
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  • Jake101
    started a topic Suit Tailoring

    Suit Tailoring

    How do you prefer your suit pants to look? I find that most pants OTR tend to look like this on me, (although not nearly as good)

    While most style magazines (i.e - GQ, Esquire, as well as blogs) go for this slimmer look.

    Another thing, most jackets seem to match the silhouette of the second pair of pants, while the pants that come with those jackets don't really match the silhouette...
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  • Rlucas1208
    started a topic Affordable, Slim polos

    Affordable, Slim polos

    I'm new to these forums so I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times. I'm going to a climate that's 95+ for two weeks and am needing some cheap polos. I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions. I would prefer not pique, since I don't find it very comfortable. I'm very skinny, so I would need at the least a slim fit. Are there any options that fit my criteria that are below J Crew price? As a student, they're a little out of my price...
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  • Louis Le Jeune
    started a topic Express Suits Slim Guys 36S/28W

    Express Suits Slim Guys 36S/28W

    Posting a couple suits here.

    Asking $100 for the suit below, Jacket + Pants (no vest)
    Description - Worn often, has a liquid stain on the right pant leg thigh, noticeable under good lighting, can provide pics if needed. That's the main reason for the low price though. If you need a nice suit that most people will think fits and looks great, $100 is all i'm asking.
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  • Clothing Sources for Tall and Thin Gentlemen

    Hi guys,

    I thought I would start a (hopefully) ever-ongoing thread where tall and thin guys can share good finds that overcome the specific difficulties we face as orangutan-armed, slim/athletic bodied fellows. What's prompted me to start this is: I'm trying to buy a simple lightweight wool v-neck, but of course Mediums fit around the chest but leave several inches off my appropriate sleeve length. A place like J Crew has the "Tall"...
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