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  • MustardDik
    started a topic Thick guy style help

    Thick guy style help


    l have been a regular to the site for a few months now and love the tips and style advice. So thank you!

    I am however new to the discussion thread - as this is my first post - and haven’t had too much time to read through the different posts and topics.

    With all that said, I am looking for some style help for my body type. I am a decent looking early 30’s single male professional type, but am...
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  • FS: BR Core Temp Shorts: Navy & Olive - 9in Inseam 30 Waist

    Great shorts, well reviewed fabric by Joe on the main site. These just don’t quite fit me unfortunately and I cut the tags so can’t return. Navy pair has never been worn, Olive about 2 times. Both washed and air dried. Asking $30 shipped each or $50 shipped for the pair.

    Pics here:
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  • mmicg
    started a topic Lazy Shorts

    Lazy Shorts

    Afternoon Everyone,

    As a man who hit high school in the early aughts, I'm the (not) proud owner of more than a few poor fashion habits. I've been tackling them one by one, and next up is my athletic shorts. EVERY casual pair (think bumming around the house in the summer or running quick errands) I own is 10 years old, and as such falls a good 2 or 3 inches below my knees and is baggy as hell. Has anybody had good luck finding a...
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  • T-shirts and shorts in the summer anyone? Or is it too casual?

    Summer has finally landed in my part of the world. This means I'm now wearing shorts and predominantly OCBDs untucked with the sleeves rolled up because I like the look.

    Wife-to-be keeps telling me to relax and just run with the shorts-and-T-shirt look. Trouble is, I don't like the look on me. It seems just TOO casual for my taste. I mean I don't mind wearing it around the house when I'm in what I call comfy clothes. Or if I'm...
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  • BestGuyHere
    started a topic Hemming Shorts

    Hemming Shorts

    Has anyone ever had a pair of shorts hemmed, either by a tailor or have done it themselves? Is it advisable to do this if you have shorts that you consider too long?
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  • Slim / Skinny Shorts Discussion & Comparison Thread

    This thread is for discussing, and comparing slim and skinny fitting shorts.

    Before we even start, let's go ahead and get this out of the way:
    "**Generic chicken-legs joke** just do some squats!"
    Got it. Will do. Moving on.

    Plenty of us have found out the hard way just how bad shorts tend to look when they have too much extra room. Unfortunately, slim fitting shorts aren't nearly as abundant...
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  • Cabot
    started a topic Incotex Chino Lino pants & Polo Ghurka shorts

    Incotex Chino Lino pants & Polo Ghurka shorts

    Incotex Chino Lino

    55% cotton, 45% linen, perfect for summer. No size marked but fit like a 32" waist. Inseam is 31.5" and outseam is 41.5". Measures almost 9" at leg opening. Definitely a fuller cut. Made in Romania. $40 shipped CONUS.

    Polo Ralph Lauren Ghurka (sometimes spelled Gurkha) shorts.

    Made in USA, must be from the 80s. Army greenish/brownish, slightly faded. Measure...
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  • elduderino260
    started a topic Huaraches?


    I know that this community has a general dislike of Birkenstocks (and sandals in general). I, however, do not. Of course, stuff like this ( is to be avoided at all cost. Unfortunately, many peoples' opinions are colored by sandals (and the mortal sin of sandals and socks) being worn by folks like this ( On top of that, the current dominant...
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  • elduderino260
    started a topic Double Monks and Shorts?

    Double Monks and Shorts?

    Saw it today. Is this a thing? I know you can go sockless with double monks, but shorts? I actually rather liked the look, but it was rather atypical...
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  • Alternatives to chino shorts and boat shoes

    The temps are starting to climb. I don't want to wear long pants and boots the whole summer, but I absolutely abhor most of the options out there for summer shorts and shoes. I have a bad association with boat shoes/mocs/loafers and chino shorts. I also am not a fan of bucks and most plimsolls (although there are some exceptions, though I can't put my finger on what makes me like the ones I like). Am I missing something or am I pretty much outta...
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  • Corey
    started a topic FS: NWT J.Crew 9" STANTON SHORT IN BLUE COLORBLOCK


    Brand new shorts, bought for vacation but forgot to pack them. Thus looking to give them a new home.

    The one and only Stanton—our casual broken-in short in a classic fit (it's a design-team favorite too). This pair features a colorblock pattern for a new take on one of our go-to styles.
    Classic fit.
    9" inseam.
    Zip fly.
    Machine wash.
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  • Champaign
    started a topic JCP Flat Front Shorts

    JCP Flat Front Shorts

    Long time lurker, first time poster...

    I need shorts. The flat front shorts from JCP seem to be the right length, and not too baggy. Here is the link to the ones I'm talking about:

    For $15, I don't think I can find anything better. They may not last more than one summer, but I'm fine with that.

    Has anybody tried these on? Thoughts on fit/quality? How is the...
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  • "Well, they don't *look* like dead fish." (Help me wear salmon shorts).

    Hi all. Yesterday, due to a combination of factors (namely, my lack of enough shorts to get through a fast-approaching vacation and a Macy's gift card that's been burning a hole in my pocket), I purchased a pair of salmon-colored shorts. I'm generally fairly reserved in the colors and patterns I wear. I fall firmly into the third category described here.

    But these were a steal, they fit well (trim, fall above the knee) and they were...
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