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  • prodrigues
    started a topic FS: Put This On Pocket Square Collection

    FS: Put This On Pocket Square Collection

    7 pocket squares from the Put This On subscription service.

    These are in mint condition. Regularly sell for $45 on the PTO website. Selling each for $25 or $125 for the lot.
    Lot includes
    1. White
    2. Picnic
    3. Green Paisley
    4. Royal blue circles
    5. Navy and beige
    6. Red quilted
    7. Blue and orange

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  • scholl43
    started a topic Alexander Olch Pocket Rounds - $36

    Alexander Olch Pocket Rounds - $36

    Brand New with Tag. Gray Alexander Olch Pocket Round. - $36 Shipped

    Brand New with Tag. Dark Green Alexander Olch Pocket Round. - $36 Shipped
    - ...
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  • Jairus
    started a topic 5 Days of Giving Day 4: Dapper Pack

    5 Days of Giving Day 4: Dapper Pack

    Everyday this week we are offering a special sale on our products. Our Dapper Pack is a great way to start your accessory collection with us. Today when you buy a Pocket Circle, Lapel Flower and Lapel Bowie our Dapper Pack will be $50.

    Use DAPPER at the checkout.

    We like to always suggest to our customers that our pieces make great stocking stuffers. Each piece is handmade and we only use the...
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  • zcm
    started a topic Let's Talk About Pocket Squares

    Let's Talk About Pocket Squares

    I was never into pocket squares until I discovered Dappered. I have around twenty now and really enjoy wearing them. When I first discovered them I snagged a few louder ones on the cheap from JCP, eBay, JCF, etc. but I have found myself reaching for them seldom. Most of the time I just go for a solid color (80% of the time it is white cotton) and put it in my pocket TV-fold style. Occasionally, I will do a two points fold or show the edges if...
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  • sdesai3
    started a topic Cotton Light Blue Pocket Square

    Cotton Light Blue Pocket Square

    Hey dudes. I need your help

    I'm looking for a cotton light blue pocket square that goes well with my blue shirts, but I'm having such a hard time finding one. I checked TieBar, Past the Pocket but they only have twill/silk versions.

    Any recommendations?

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  • piraca - Unique, hand painted pocket squares

    Hello gents,

    just a quick word of introduction for our new and small company piraca.
    We specialise in hand made Batik pocket squares. Batik is an ancient form of wax resist dying which enables intricate patterns to be drawn and painted onto the cloth. The technique we use is Batik Tulis, which translates as drawn Batik, a method which originated in Indonesia. If you are interested you can have a look at our site, www.pir...
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  • Brian Flanagan
    started a topic Clotheshorse


    Long time reader, first time poster. Question about people's experiences of Clotheshorse, and particularly their pocket square of the month club. I enrolled the hubby in it for a Christmas present, but have not yet received any product, even though I've been charged twice. Has anyone had more success? Is this a scam?
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  • JoeG
    started a topic (LC)2 Pocket Squares by JoeG

    (LC)2 Pocket Squares by JoeG

    I thought it would be nice to start an official thread to share some behind the scenes snapshots with the Dappered community as I develop my pocket square project.

    I let my enthusiasm get the best of me, and started working on patterns and designs for bow ties, neck ties, and cuff links. Luckily my girlfriend recognized when it was time to step in and bring me back to steady ground.

    So far I have established my sewing...
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  • How casual of an outfit can one wear a pocket square with?

    If I were interested in wearing a navy blue chino jacket (say the J Crew Factory thompson that has recently gotten some attention around here) with a pair of jeans (something like this and a casual button up shirt would it be strange to wear a pocket square?
    Also, how much can I dress down a jacket like that? Can I just wear a thin sweater underneath it? A t-shirt?
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