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  • Black Lapel $600 Gift Card- Capitalize on the 30% Sale! $550/OBO

    I have an unused $600 Digital Gift Card from Black Lapel. I purchased this gift card, but never used it.

    $550 via PayPal or best offer.

    Act now while they still have their 30% off site-wide sale. That's the biggest discount I have seen them offer. Even better than any previous BLACK FRIDAY sale. Once I provide you with the code, you can use it immediately. Gift Card Expires 10/09/2020.
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  • MTM Men's Clothes Black Friday Super Sale with Free Shipping global! -- MatchU
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  • Experiences with Hockerty made-to-measure?

    I ran into their very reasonably priced, fairly customizable collection of tweed sportcoats online and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experiences with them lately? I get my suits from Indochino and shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt to give you a sense of my range. Thanks!

    if it's a resounding No on Hockerty, I would appreciate suggestions on tweed sportcoats with a center-vent. J Crew only seems to do double-vent, Brooks Brothers...
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  • Custom Shirt Recommendation Early 2018

    So I am fed up with OTR shirts. I have a very odd body type. Extremely broad shoulders which slope violently downward. Basically I have no neck; not from effort but genectics.

    I am going to order made to measure shirts and most of the threads I have found on the subject are very old.

    Does anyone have any recent experience with the more well known companies? Specifically, I am considering

    - Proper Cloth...
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  • Natty Shirts: Which Collar Best Spans Business Casual to Formal? Wide or Classic?

    I'm ordering from Natty Shirts, and I can't tell if the 'wide' or 'classic' collar would be most appropriate.

    I'm looking for a 'standard' collar that doesn't stand out. Similar to whatever collar would likely come on most shirts I buy. I'm 30 years old, living in NYC, and I'll wear these shirts with jeans in a business casual setting as well as with formal suits.

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  • Official: Buttons 'n' Threads custom apparel

    Hi guys,
    I am the co-founder of Buttons 'n' Threads. We started off in September of 2013 with a basic collection of custom suits following the same business model as Indochino, Black Lapel etc.
    However we started off as we saw the potential to offer a better quality product at the same price point.
    Since we launched with only a collection of suits we were looking for a really good supplier to add a collection of shirts to...
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  • Natty Shirts - questions for those who've bought

    EDIT: I may be posting some fit pictures in here and in the fit feedback thread to make sure I'm amending everything I need to be. Stay tuned.

    I need some help from those who've bought shirts from Natty (I'm not going to link the site; you know if you've bought from there or not).

    I placed my order (6 shirts) at the end of March and received my first shirt in just over the advertised time frame. The shirt had a few things...
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  • HELP!! Trying to dress my groomsmen in suits instead of tuxedos

    Hello all my Dapper Gents,

    I apologize in advance for being long-winded.

    I need your help and expertise. Now I'm sure all of you own suits and a majority of you are of the MTM variety (which is what I need). I recently got engaged and planning the wedding for next November (2014) and decided to buy suits rather than rent because I think it is pointless to spend that type of money for one day and nothing to show for it...
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  • dapper_dan
    started a topic Indochino Traveling Tailor

    Indochino Traveling Tailor

    Hi all.

    New to the dappered threads, but really enjoying all of the knowedge/tips so far. Question for everyone: Has anyone done the Indochino Traveling Tailor fittings before? I would like to get all my measurements professionally taken and this seems like a good opportunity, as long as there is no obligation to buy...

    Any thoughts?
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  • jputman08
    started a topic Made-to-Measure (MTM) Resource Guide

    Made-to-Measure (MTM) Resource Guide

    As much as we discuss MTM around here, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of MTM resources we've used. There are a few that come to mind immediately. Where are you guys getting MTM you're happy with?

    Blank Label
    Ratio Clothing
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