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  • ardichoke
    started a topic Jos A Bank 1905 Collection Sport Coats - $49

    Jos A Bank 1905 Collection Sport Coats - $49

    Obviously depends on how you feel about their stuff. It's not my favorite, but it's nothing some tailoring can't fix. They've got an array of 1905 sport coats listed for this price. Apparently it's a one day only type sale though, so who knows when it ends.
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  • tairby
    started a topic JOS A BANK "Slim Fit" suits

    JOS A BANK "Slim Fit" suits

    OK dappered-ones, i have 3 Jos A Bank suits from their first offering of Joseph "Slim Fit" line (with the gold jacket lining). I am not built for this cut of suit, and I would much rather sale them cheap to someone who would be able to use it. These are barely worn and have been sitting in my closet for some time. I am happy to get them dry cleaned before shipping out. before I take pictures and go through that whole thing, would anyone...
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  • Need help deciding if this is a waste of money...

    OK, I'm new to the forum and hope those that know about suits can help be determine if the following is a good use of money. Also, if there is a better place to post this- mods, feel free.

    I'm sitting over here in Kabul, Afghanistan and have the opportunity for a tailored made suit (2 or 3 piece/ 2 or 3 button/center or side vented) in a rather wide range of wools and patterns (but apparently not carte blanche of the mills). Lots...
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