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  • danielh
    started a topic Stylish hats for big noggins

    Stylish hats for big noggins

    Hi everyone,
    Hoping you can help me with tips for picking a cold-weather hat for my largish head (around 7 3/4) that provides warmth yet minimizes ridicule, beyond the usual baseball caps and beanies. Any styles that work better than others?
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  • Eeh5335
    started a topic Aerosol free hat stiffener

    Aerosol free hat stiffener

    Hi guys, I have two wool fedoras that have brims that are floppy. When I first got them they were stiff and the brims could snap own easily. Now, I tried to take them to a hat repair shop to get them stiffened, but the guy there told me that the stiffeners they use contain aerosol and that they would damage my fedora hats. He recommended that I could get some aerosol free hat stiffener, but I do not know what brand to use or what kind to look...
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  • Limited Edition Flat-Brims by PADG // Product/Brand Launch

    I'm a Boston-based artist/graphic designer/musician and I've just launched a very Limited Edition Flat-Brim project/line: PADG.

    High-quality flat-brims are for The People, so the PADG001 is $45, and I'll be doing small runs of 30/50 for each hat design. Wool-blend, fitted, no logos, no flex-fit, feat. vintage patches of modern and abstract designs, as well as excellent examples of 20th-century patch culture vernacular.

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  • tailoredbydang
    started a topic hats for winter?

    hats for winter?

    Winter is coming....

    And my ears are getting cold....

    There was a sunday challenge last week for hats... but unfortunately none of those were very warm...

    When wearing dress shirt and pants and some sort of jacket, what kind of hats are there?
    Or are winter hats just not very dappered?
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