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  • Custom Shirt Recommendation Early 2018

    So I am fed up with OTR shirts. I have a very odd body type. Extremely broad shoulders which slope violently downward. Basically I have no neck; not from effort but genectics.

    I am going to order made to measure shirts and most of the threads I have found on the subject are very old.

    Does anyone have any recent experience with the more well known companies? Specifically, I am considering

    - Proper Cloth...
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  • Sizing Help - Suit Jackets/Blazers

    After multiple tries of tailoring an off the rack suit jackets, and once a blazer, I've found that it's extremely hard for me to find a jacket brand/size combo that allow the fit I'm assuming I need.

    Whenever I find a jacket that fits my chest, the waist is gigantic and I can't get it brought in enough. The jackets that come closer to my waist, the lapels pop off my chest. I'm guessing I'm a 44R (or L, depending on brand), since I'm...
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  • Dress shirt recommendation for athletic fit frame

    Looking for dress shirt recommendations for a tall athletic frame. I'm 6' 1" 205# and usually wear a (16", 36") and have found most shirts are a bit tight and construct movement once I start moving my arms or bending over. Thanks!
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  • Shade
    started a topic Vineyard Vines

    Vineyard Vines

    They don't get much play on here, but Ive been checking them out recently and they have some nice summer fabrics. Anyone have any advice on their fits. I've been looking at the Slim "Tucker" fit, but havent been really able to find much on how slim they really are. Does anyone have any advice they could give on their various fits and how they would compare to a BB, CT, JCrew, or BR branded shirt. Thanks!
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  • Menswear brand recommendation/Made in USA

    I've been very happy with my experience buying from

    They worked with me to get my jean fit totally dialed in. I just ordered my first shirt after going through their shirt fit process.

    Highly recommend if you're tired of searching for the unicorn fit.
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  • austinlg
    started a topic Does this suit jacket fit?

    Does this suit jacket fit?

    I just got my first suit from Knot standard. and it's definitely snug, which I was expecting everything seems tailored my only concern is the white of my shirt showing below my waist button. Is this a sign that the suit is pulling too tight.
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  • Struggling with fit on Allen Edmonds 5 last

    Greetings, forum. I have spent weeks and taken multiple trips to the AE store to find the right fit in AE's 5 last. I don't want to give up on this last - I think it offers the best design, quality, and cost. I would appreciate any input on the best size.

    On the Brannock, I am between a 12B/12C, but the 12B and 12C shoes do not fit snugly on my heel - there is heel slippage. I currently wear the 11.5D, which fits nicely on my heel and...
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  • FIT: Bonobos Slim or Standard Merino Sweater?

    They are final sale, and I'm not sure which size to go with.
    I wear a medium in all shirts, but the Bonobos slim fit shirts are too tight on me, and the standard fit always has to be taken in at the waist.
    Suggestions or comparisons?
    6 feet tall, 190 pounds. 42 inch chest, 32 inch waist.
    Thank you kindly!
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  • How much can tailoring fix jackets that don't fit?

    Hey here's my situation. I have several suit jackets that I bought on the guidance of an ill-informed store employee, and they're a full size too big. These are 40S jackets, and turns out I'm a 38 (sometimes 36).

    So my question is this: are these a lost cause? Can a tailor really reshape the shoulder width / fit issues associated with jackets that are a full size off? Has anyone had similar problems? They're nice suits,...
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  • tpatterson
    started a topic Best Fitting Workout Shirts

    Best Fitting Workout Shirts

    Excited to intro the "Best Fitting Performance Shirt" by Guroo Active. Started the line about 6 month ago, sold out of our limited production run, and just now launched a Kickstarter to allow full-scale manufacturing.

    The idea is pretty simple. Performance workout shirts often don't fit well (too long, too short, super baggy) but you can't get them adjusted by a tailor unless you know an amazing tailor that will sew a flatlock...
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  • evanc
    started a topic Proper Fit for a Leather Dress Belt

    Proper Fit for a Leather Dress Belt

    I am a 39 year old man so I feel a little silly asking this question, but I had never given it much thought until recently. How far past the first belt loop on your pants (not on the belt itself) should a leather dress belt go? I recently bought an AE Manistee belt during the Nordstrom sale, and although the waist size of my pants is typically 32 inches, the size 34 leaves only about 0.75" of belt showing past my first belt loop (I also have...
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  • Trying out a new service that helps finding perfectly fitting shirts

    Wanted to post and let you guys know about a new service I founded called We're a service that helps guys find perfectly fitting clothes - launching with men's shirts and accessories - by matching your body and size to clothes that fit your proportions best. We're in Beta right now, and I'm looking to get some feedback from guys who know what they're talking about on how it's working, what kind of fit matches you're getting, and how...
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  • Spier & Mackay Shirts: First Impressions

    Decided to give them a try after some recommendations on this forum, and thought I would share my experience.

    I purchased:
    Blue & Tan Kineton Check (Contemporary Fit) Size 15 1/2
    White Poplin 100s (Slim Fit) Size 15 1/2
    Cloud Blue Oxford http:/...
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  • phsiao08
    started a topic GUSTIN JEANS FIT/Quality


    Hey all -

    Looking for a new pair of jeans. I've sworn by my Levi's 511 commuter in Indigo for years but I'm considering a dive into the world of selvedge since they're about the same price without sale (in the $80s).

    Can anyone talk about their experience with Gustin and how does it fit compared to a Levi's 511 commuter? I'm 6'2 185lb usually a 32x32 in most fits (Bonobos, SuitSupply, Gant, Levis etc), would that sizing...
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  • theconnman
    started a topic uniqlo sizing and colour

    uniqlo sizing and colour

    I'm 5'8.5 163 pounds 39 chest 32 waist 30 inseam. Should I get a small or medium in the uniqlo slim fit oxford shirt. I'm planning on getting the white, blue and grey. Does anyone have the experience of the pink shirt, would it work on some who is white, not pale but not tanned either. Would the pink and white stripes be a better option?
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