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  • What's your trick in finding the right dress shirt?

    I'm soon heading out again to buy myself some new dress shirts and i read all these different ways of testing if the shirts fits right on you. Do any of you guys use special tricks to see if the shirts fits? Besides looking very carefully in the mirror of course!

    I saw this one guy who uses a ballerina pose to check if the tuck was correct!
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  • The Official Spectre & Co. Thread: Quality Dress Shirts Under $50

    First of all, I just want to say how thrilled I am to be a part of the Dappered community! My name is Jeffrey Zhang, and I'm the founder of the recently launched menswear retailer, Spectre & Co. We specialize in affordable, high-quality dress shirts. Our demographic is the budget and fashion conscious man (hello, Dappered!) that isn't always willing to pay $150 (or $100, or even $75 for that matter) for a well-made dress shirt. Our prices range...
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