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  • theskillets
    started a topic FS: Kamakura OCBD

    FS: Kamakura OCBD
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  • fencedwall
    started a topic Bonobos Dress Shirts 15/33 & Small

    Bonobos Dress Shirts 15/33 & Small

    For sale are two blue dress shirts from Bonobos.

    $30 each or $50 for both

    First is a Slim Fit Wrinkle Free 15/33 in light blue.

    Second is a Standard Fit Small in light blue.

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  • Techwear button-down shirt under $100?

    tl;dr Can anyone recommend a great looking techwear button-down shirt for under $100?

    I've found that certain 'techwear' pieces (e.g. stretchy, water-resistant, UV protection...) can outlive their conventional fabric (cotton etc) counterparts by far, making them not only great to wear but a good value too. A few favorites of mine: Nau shell trench coat, Outlier slacks, Northface winter coat.

    I work in a casual office...
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  • Best magnets available on amazon to pair with metal collar stays

    Hello Gents,

    I recently bought these metal collar stays from amazon. They're super helpful, but I think I would like to buy magnets to help take my collar-game to the next level (and to replicate the functionality of "wurkin' stiffs").

    Anyone have experience in this area? what magnets did you buy? Any recommendations?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    - Danny
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  • BullDurham
    started a topic Best White dress shirt

    Best White dress shirt

    saw a post about the best white dress shirt... from 2010. Will be a groomsman in a wedding and need a good white dress shirt. Normally love the slim fit BR shirts, which fit me very well, but the two whites i ordered (poplin and herringbone i think) both were almost see through. i also had bought a paul frederick a long time ago which i never liked, and have a j crew factory that i dont like (fit or fabric, could get it tailored but 40 bucks of tailoring...
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  • Jkimble
    started a topic J Crew x Thomas Mason Purple Gingham Dress Shirt 15.5

    J Crew x Thomas Mason Purple Gingham Dress Shirt 15.5

    Here's a beautiful shirt for J Crew, made from Thomas Mason fabric. I recently bought this shirt used, but didn't like the way it looked on me. There are no holes, rips, or stains. The shirt is a beautiful light purple gingham; would look very great with a suit, or with a casual outfit. Retails for over $150. 15.5 collar, 34/35 sleeve.$_57.JPG$_57.JPG?rt=nc...
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    Last edited by Jkimble; August 14, 2014, 06:58 PM. Reason: Forgot to add in the asking price!

  • EyeletCollar
    started a topic Luxire Shirts: A Warning

    Luxire Shirts: A Warning

    Hello All,
    I am a member of styleforum and recently decided to go to Luxire to get a shirt. When I received my shirt, there were many sloppy seams, and shoddy workmanship. I came here because 99% of those who post on the Luxire thread on SF are diehard supporters of Luxire, they are practically sucking Luxire's appendage. I noticed a few before me had posted something wrong with their shirts, and were immediately called wrong, and that they...
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  • Ledbury White Royal Twill Worker Discontinued - Need Help

    I was going through the hierarchy of a white dress shirt on, and I came across the white royal twill worker shirt. It looked great.

    I am needing a go-to white dress shirt, and I am wanting to splurge. After calling Ledbury to see when they would be back in stock they notified me that they have discontinued this shirt. They will only be making the white royal twill spread collar. I really don't want to have to buy two separate...
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  • facelessghost
    started a topic BR tailored slim fit dress shirts - Medium TALL

    BR tailored slim fit dress shirts - Medium TALL

    Last year I decided that the tailored slim fit was absolutely perfect for me. Since then, I've started running less and lifting more, and the fit now pulls through the chest for me. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that until I'd already added a couple of new shirts to my collection. With that in mind, I'm trying to unload my two most recent purchases so I can buy something that fits me a little better. Both of the shirts below are non-iron Banana...
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  • Dr. Faust
    started a topic Alfani dress shirts

    Alfani dress shirts

    I'm a little confused by the Alfani dress shirt line and was hoping someone here could help me. There seems to be Alfani slim-fit, Alfani RED fitted, and spectrum trim-fit. I am really struggling to find information on which is the slimmest fit. I am struggling to find a white dress shirt that fits my neck and shoulders without having a lot of excess fabric around my abdomen (I'm 6'2", 175 lbs, 15.5 34/35). I can't believe how hard it is to...
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  • SELL to SUNDAY: JCF Navy Suit, Silver Watch, Dress Shrit, Dark Jeans, Varsity Jacket

    J. Crew Factory Thompson Suit (36s) with (32/32) pants - Navy, Cotton Pique ($150 or highest bid)

    Levi's 508 Tapered Jeans (31/30) - Dark Wash (highest bid)

    Harman Varsity Jacket - Navy/Brown, Wool ($80)
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