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  • Help with measurements for Spier & Mackay custom clothes

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone had any guidance on how to measure when ordering custom clothes from Spier & Mackay. I'm looking to order some custom trousers and am unclear where I should measure to make sure each of the requested measurements is accurate. I looked at my Black Lapel measurements, and those are very different than what auto-fills on the Spier site when I select a 38" waist, contemporary fit to start modifying:
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  • Proper Cloth launches custom suits, slacks, jackets

    Hey guys,

    I'm hard to fit and have become a big fan of the Proper Cloth custom shirts at a decently affordable price.

    Excited to see that their tailored things just launched:

    Unfortunately I bought a new suit a few months back and probably won't need to try these right away. I'm hoping Proper Cloth will be better for the bigger sized guys. SuSu won't work...
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  • Natty Shirts: Which Collar Best Spans Business Casual to Formal? Wide or Classic?

    I'm ordering from Natty Shirts, and I can't tell if the 'wide' or 'classic' collar would be most appropriate.

    I'm looking for a 'standard' collar that doesn't stand out. Similar to whatever collar would likely come on most shirts I buy. I'm 30 years old, living in NYC, and I'll wear these shirts with jeans in a business casual setting as well as with formal suits.

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  • Experience with Proper Cloth custom shirts

    Hey guys,

    I'm experimenting with Proper Cloth and am wondering if anyone else is too?

    I ordered a shirt a while back, had it dry cleaned as they recommend, and then went back into their shop in Soho, NYC. They are making adjustments for a better fit (larger cuffs, trimming off some excess fabric in some spots and giving me more room in others) and will have a new shirt back to me in a couple more weeks.

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  • Advice on Custom Birds-eye Suit (Black Label v. Indochina v. SuitSupply)


    First time poster. I recently stumbled on this site -- it's phenomenal. I truly hope that the site organizers make a decent salary. They deserve it.

    I have a budget of $800. I'm looking for a blue or gray birds-eye suit that will make women swoon and men envious. (And make some men swoon -- sorry, I didn't mean to discriminate.) I'm an attorney, and I'm brown. I have an irrational obsession with soft, natural...
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  • Tailored Jogger - made from scratch to fit you by Suitable

    Hey guys, Ray here from Suitable (

    Unlike your normal custom clothier that only does suits and dress shirts, we're a full line of men's essentials. Highly edited and made from scratch to fit based on 25 body measurements.

    We just launched the 05 Tailored Jogger. It's a minimalist trouser top, premium structured wool and a slim jogger cuff. It goes for $195 but could easily retail for double.
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  • yossarian
    started a topic Custom Dress Shoes

    Custom Dress Shoes

    I read through the last thread on this topic, but it's from 2013, so I thought there might be some new information. I read the Mantorii review, also from 2013. The visible grain isn't ideal for me.

    My feet are pretty messed up. High arch, supination, high toes, and a size apart. Allen Edmonds wides have been okay for me, but I still can't usually make it through a whole work day.

    For general custom shoes, does...
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  • Limited Edition Flat-Brims by PADG // Product/Brand Launch

    I'm a Boston-based artist/graphic designer/musician and I've just launched a very Limited Edition Flat-Brim project/line: PADG.

    High-quality flat-brims are for The People, so the PADG001 is $45, and I'll be doing small runs of 30/50 for each hat design. Wool-blend, fitted, no logos, no flex-fit, feat. vintage patches of modern and abstract designs, as well as excellent examples of 20th-century patch culture vernacular.

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  • suitable
    started a topic What do you want? Custom summer clothing

    What do you want? Custom summer clothing

    Hey guys,

    Ray here from Suitable (

    A lot of times companies huddle in their corner and project what they think people want. We were talking today as a team and thought, why don't we ask you guys?

    What would you like for custom summer clothing?
    • De-constructed cotton jackets?
    • Linen jackets?
    • Suit-kinis?

    No pressure, just thought we would ask!
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  • Official: Buttons 'n' Threads custom apparel

    Hi guys,
    I am the co-founder of Buttons 'n' Threads. We started off in September of 2013 with a basic collection of custom suits following the same business model as Indochino, Black Lapel etc.
    However we started off as we saw the potential to offer a better quality product at the same price point.
    Since we launched with only a collection of suits we were looking for a really good supplier to add a collection of shirts to...
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  • The world's first line of custom invisible suits!

    Hey Dappered, this is Ray, founder of Suitable. I wouldn't ordinarily do this, but have some breaking news. We just launched a line of invisible suits, with fabrics so fine you can't see it. Visit the Sheer Collection at

    We're open to feedback on the suits (i.e., how transparent it should be, etc).
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  • Pope Ricard
    started a topic Newbie check in

    Newbie check in

    I am a newbie here, but I am very interested in man style stuff, especially in tailored/custom man clothes/shirts.

    I won't call myself an experts, but I am happy to help if anyone has question about that area.

    Like people said, fashion is timeliness, but style stays forever.

    Anyway, cheers
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  • FTD
    started a topic Official Thread of all things Fitted Threads

    Official Thread of all things Fitted Threads

    Spring Sale

    Take 50% off your chinos purchase with code SPRING50 at

    Enjoy the weather,
    Fitted Threads
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  • Suitable - Made-to-Measure suits for $295 - any experience?

    I came across this new men's brand called Suitable.

    They do made-to-measure suits for $295. Great price, similar model to the other online suit shops. Sweet branding. At that price, I might actually buy it. Anyone have experience with them?
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  • Zulmann
    started a topic Custom Cotton Blazer

    Custom Cotton Blazer

    Does anyone know of a custom clothing website that sells cotton blazers? Indochino has a custom wool blazer, but I didn't see cotton the last time I checked.

    I'm tall, about 6'5", and I have long arms even for my height (about 38/39 in dress shirt sleeve length). Finding an off-the-rack blazer (48XL) has turned out to be impossible, outside of Men's Wearhouse, and I wasn't very impressed by their selection of cotton blazers, but...
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