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  • blan2819
    started a topic In search of: Navy/Charcoal/Grey overcoat

    In search of: Navy/Charcoal/Grey overcoat

    Size 38R/M - let me know if you guys are in the market to sell - thanks!
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  • blan2819
    started a topic North Face Down Jacket for Sale - $300

    North Face Down Jacket for Sale - $300

    Hi All,

    North Face Down Jacket for sale. Only worn a few times - in very good condition.

    Size Small, and fits very true to form. I'm a 5 foot 9 inches male, weighing around 175 lbs.

    Room for layering (I usually wear it with a sweater and button down shirt, and still have plenty of comfort and movement), yet very warm where you could wear just a shirt under and still be protected and warm. Detachable...
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  • riddler
    started a topic Casual winter coats

    Casual winter coats

    West-coaster here, new to the east coast. Looking to get a solid informal workhorse winter coat. I've got a good peacoat, but often I find that's a little overdressed for my contexts. Need something that doesn't look out of place over jeans and a henley. Quick perusal of some sites suggest bombers are in right now. Is that just a trend, or are bombers likely to still work in a year or two? Don't want to have to replace this guy next winter.
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  • jefflibulls
    started a topic Warm Wool Coat Recommendations

    Warm Wool Coat Recommendations

    Hello gents,

    Long time lurker first time poster. I have a lot of respect for the knowledge that's on this board and would like to pose a question I've long wondered.

    What's everyone's recommendation on a warm winter wool coat? I'm personally a big fan of the form fitting wool coat; but the ones I've come across have all been not warm enough for the icy Chicago winters where I live. I do own a parka for the coldest...
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  • ashlandba
    started a topic Sleek, but warm topcoat

    Sleek, but warm topcoat

    Trying to find a good-looking overcoat/topcoat that packs a little extra punch in terms of warmth (posted about this last year and never pulled the trigger--so looking for updtes). The J. Crew Ludlows with Thinsulate look nice, but are there any other options out there?

    I already have a peacoat, so basically, just looking for something to take it up a notch.
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  • ashlandba
    started a topic Very Warm Coat?

    Very Warm Coat?

    I'm in the market for a very warm coat--something that I could wear when it's, say, 20 degrees out.

    Here's the kicker. I already have a parka-esque coat (waterproof, puffy, etc.). But, I don't like wearing it with a suit, or similarly nice clothes.

    So, what should I be looking for? I imagine an overcoat/topcoat is the way to go--but part of me feels like those are just longer peacoats (which I already have, but doesn't...
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  • Stylekid
    started a topic Winter essentials

    Winter essentials

    I live in New York and expect a cold winter this year. I have been using an old Peacoat I bought from Gap. I am looking to upgrade it. I am looking to plan better for this winter so I can stay warm during my commute. I am also looking to buy an all-in-one to save closet space (tough to find space in NYC). So far I found one good solution but it is kind of expensive.
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  • Alternative (non-workwear) Jackets For Fall

    NOTE: The bold stuff and links are kinda like a TL;DR if you're feeling lazy.

    I’m just going to come out and say it – I don’t like the workwear / utilitarian trend that has been adopted by much of the menswear / style community. It seems like the vast majority fall outwear recommendations and discussions are about utilitarian styled workwear - the names Filson, Barbour, etc get mentioned way too often, imo. And the parka frenzy?...
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