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  • Hemsprong
    started a topic Charles Tyrwhitt?

    Charles Tyrwhitt?

    I've never ordered/worn Charles Tyrwhitt dress shirts. Was thinking about ordering some. Mostly to wear with suits or under sweater. Any thoughts? Anyone have a good or (yikes) a bad experience? Any advice much appreciated!
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  • Pie_Man
    started a topic $33 Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts + Free Shipping

    $33 Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts + Free Shipping

    Use Link:

    Personally, I really like these shirts and $33 per CT shirt is a great deal plus free shipping. Also, they have a decent selection of shirts in their clearance section that are even cheaper, $29.50.

    I own several CT shirts, here are a few of my insights:
    • IMO, their fitting/size guide is accurate, know your measurements and use it. The CT Slim and Extra Slim cuts are great for lean and slim
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  • Brand new dress shirts: Do you wash them first before having them tailored?

    I have some new CT dress shirts that need to be tailored. I am afraid that if I have the shirts tailored first and they happen to shrink after washing them for the first time, I am screwed.

    If I cold wash and hang dry, I should be okay? In the absence of heat, are CT shirts known to shrink just by washing/hang drying?

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  • Anyone have experience with Charles Tyrwhitt 'Classic Ft' (non-slim)?

    To experiment with different fits, I recently purchased a few Slim and Extra Slim fit shirts from CT ($29.00 USD). I followed CT's sizing guide as well as Shirt Detectives write-up about the January 2015 change in sizing. I have a slim waist, fairly big chest and very wide lats. At the office, I wear dress shirts (2nd button opened, no tie or jacket) and trousers/khakis.

    CT Extra Slim Fit: So tight I couldn't breathe.
    CT Slim Fit:...
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  • FS: Spring/Summer wear (NWT JCrew Ludlow Chino suit, Ludlow sport coat, dress shirts)

    Spring cleaning time. There are a few more items likely to come up in the near future, but here's the current haul. I made some measurements with a tailor's tape (approximate, as I'm not a professional) and provided them below. Shoulder to Shoulder (S2S), Pit to Pit (P2P), Sleeve length (either from shoulder seam or middle back of shirt), and shirt length (measured from the bottom of collar) were all measured in inches and done with garment lying...
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  • domando
    started a topic $30-60 off Charles Tyrwhitt via Living Social

    $30-60 off Charles Tyrwhitt via Living Social

    Living Social is having a deal for $50 and $100 Charles Tyrwhitt store credit for $25 and $50, respectively. Additionally, try the code 20SAVINGS which gives an extra 20% off, meaning you pay $20 and $40.

    The fine print:
    -You have to buy through a special website. There doesn't seem to be any difference in price between this site and the normal site so it may just be an IT thing.
    -You have to use the store credit at...
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  • CharlesMartel
    started a topic Deals Around the Net: Open Thread

    Deals Around the Net: Open Thread

    Far as I can tell, Dappered is the best in class for pointing to deals on nice men's clothing. But not every deal around is posted, and understandably so. Not all deals are front page worthy. But I've discovered I've missed lots of the Bonobos $X for $2X deals, and probably many other sorts of deals. Post the so-so or niche deals here as well as the great ones.

    This includes any deals or sales you see around the net on nice clothes....
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