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  • mmicg
    started a topic Lazy Shorts

    Lazy Shorts

    Afternoon Everyone,

    As a man who hit high school in the early aughts, I'm the (not) proud owner of more than a few poor fashion habits. I've been tackling them one by one, and next up is my athletic shorts. EVERY casual pair (think bumming around the house in the summer or running quick errands) I own is 10 years old, and as such falls a good 2 or 3 inches below my knees and is baggy as hell. Has anybody had good luck finding a...
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  • rdgriff
    started a topic Casual Wedding on the Beach

    Casual Wedding on the Beach

    Hi Guys,

    As an east coast native living in Los Angeles, I traded in my Sperry's for Vans when I moved here years ago and generally feel is on the preppy side for my taste. That being said, I am looking for some advice on a beach wedding outfit in May. I remembered the "Style Scenario: Summer Wedding, Super Casual" ( article months and...
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  • AE Alumnus or Neumok - OK for business? Business casual?

    First time poster. May I have your feedback about whether the AE Alumnus or Newmoks are appropriate for business (suits) or business casual settings? The shoes fit perfectly, but I'm concerned that the contrasting soles make the shoes look too casual (and the AE site lists the Alumnus as casual).
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  • Leather/Suede high tops suggestions

    Hi all,

    I'm in the market for a new pair of high top sneakers for casual wear. I have been in converse chucks for a while now, but they're falling apart so I'm considering finding something new. I wanted to find a pair of blue suede chucks, and discovered these: They would be just about perfect, but unfortunately seem to be from several years ago, so my...
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  • BipBip
    started a topic New Wardrobe for Law Associate

    New Wardrobe for Law Associate

    I'll be starting a law summer associate position at a big firm in Chicago for this summer that will eventually turn into my full-time position once I graduate. I want to purchase quality pieces that will last, and I'm willing to drop some money. I need some help trying to get the best bang for my buck and making sure that I'm spending wisely. I have no idea what is a good price (I've seen some AEs on sale now, but I don't know if that's an actual...
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  • Casual/Hiking Hybrid Boot on a College Kid Budget

    I'm a college kid looking for a pair of boots than can endure an Ohio winter (walking through snow) but also look nice with jeans or maybe even chinos. I will also be going to Europe next fall so something that is casual but good for light hiking would be great. I am concerned about it necessary? My budget is somewhat tight, I really can't afford to spend more than $140. So far looking at the Born Otis in Barrel and LL Bean's East...
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  • kaizer121
    started a topic Replace my Jack Purcells

    Replace my Jack Purcells

    Okay, little backstory. I work in retail at JCrew, and at work the only sneakers we're allowed to wear are ones that we sell. Being that I'm a bit of a sneakerhead, I went out and got a pair of the white "Remastered" Jack Purcells. I was almost instantly in love, seeing them as a marked improvement in terms of build quality and (expected) longevity compared to the Chuck Taylors I was more used to. Only later did I find out that my "remastered"...
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  • elduderino260
    started a topic Double Monks and Shorts?

    Double Monks and Shorts?

    Saw it today. Is this a thing? I know you can go sockless with double monks, but shorts? I actually rather liked the look, but it was rather atypical...
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  • elduderino260
    started a topic Buttons on Blazer Pockets?

    Buttons on Blazer Pockets?

    I saw a few older blazers now with buttons on patch pocket flaps like this: . Is this typical or frowned upon now? Also, on a scale of bars only to casual Friday to everyday wear to fancy dinner parties, where would it rank on the casual scale?
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  • Excellent Staple: Navy Slim Fitting Lacoste Polo for sale

    It's my first time selling on here so I'm excited to see how it goes! I'm selling via eBay a classic piece that every athletic man should own. All the details are on the listing page, happy hunting!
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  • Matt Lynn
    started a topic Cole Haan City Loafers - Size 9M

    Cole Haan City Loafers - Size 9M

    I bought these about 6 months ago and probably wore them 20-30 times over the course of that time. I usually wear a size 9.5 in cole haan but since they slightly stretched, I thought a size 9 would stretch out for a perfect fit, but that was not the case.

    So I am selling these 2 tone cole haans size 9. I paid $100, but based on their use, I can do $40 OBO shipped to your door in the lower 48. Please email me with questions or if you...
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  • Casual shoes on Jeans and Chinos

    I traditionally wore tan colored leather shoes (size 9.5) from Steve Madden. I am seeing a lot of people wear boat shoes these days. I don't have enough space for multiple colors of shoes but I am looking for some advice to buy good quality casual shoes that I can wear on all kinds of jeans(dark blue/light blue), corduroy, khakis. Since we are in spring/summer time, I will appreciate some help here. I don't like to compromise on quality. I would...
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  • joshjensen
    started a topic Chinos worn casually?

    Chinos worn casually?

    Hey guys. I'm working adding a few upgrades into my style to change things up. I've picked up a couple of pairs of chinos (brown, tan, sky blue) and am trying to figure out how to start using these from day to day. I'm pretty much a t-shirt and dark denim guy, or I'll frequently wear an untucked button-up. Do chinos work with t-shirts in this manner? I welcome your help.
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  • It won't stay that way! How to keep t-shirt sleeves rolled?

    I think there are small tweaks you can make to an average tee or pair of jeans that are incredibly fresh and stylish; in my mind the key is being tastefully audacious and finding unique function in your clothes.

    The other day, purely out of necessity, I tucked in a huge, borrowed dark gray vneck t-shirt and rolled up the sleeves. Looked awesome! Like in a not-at-all-casual but in-fact-well-put-together-outfit way haha x). Couldn't believe...
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