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  • Business Attire in the Workplace

    Hi all!

    First time commenting or posting in here. Wanted to ask a question that I have been pondering off and on for the last couple of months...

    I work in an office environment in the DC Metro area and am unofficially required to wear a shirt and tie or a suit to work daily.

    But with the Pandemic, as with the Shutdown, the dress code has been relaxed a bit.

    Do you think that the dress code...
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  • MindTheGAAP
    started a topic Work Trouser Overhaul

    Work Trouser Overhaul


    Need some direction on where to look for work trousers - I recently lost about 4-5" around the gut and so am in a position of needing to build from scratch with the lower-half work wardrobe...

    Where are some of the best places to look for value/quality? I work in consulting and generally think wool slacks look the most professional so that may help in suggestions.

    One place I've been looking...
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  • 07Rams
    started a topic JCP Nolans and Logans

    JCP Nolans and Logans

    I know both of these shoes get a fair amount of coverage here, but I'm torn between picking up a pair of JCP Staffords (either the Nolans or the Logans) or a pair of AE Factory Seconds (they have the McGregor in my size for a very reasonable price) and I'm looking for some thoughts.

    I work in a business casual environment -- the odd sport coat and chinos/wool trousers, rarely a tie and suit -- and I do a great deal...
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  • Anyone have any experience with Spier and Mackay Sportcoats?

    I have found almost zero information online regarding fit and quality. They seem to have very good prices on traditionally styled sportcoats, which is hard to find nowadays (I hate the narrow lapels of J Crew, BR, and other similar brands), so I'm wondering if anyone here has tried them or has any info. I'm sure it'd be a benefit to others, not just me!
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  • BipBip
    started a topic New Wardrobe for Law Associate

    New Wardrobe for Law Associate

    I'll be starting a law summer associate position at a big firm in Chicago for this summer that will eventually turn into my full-time position once I graduate. I want to purchase quality pieces that will last, and I'm willing to drop some money. I need some help trying to get the best bang for my buck and making sure that I'm spending wisely. I have no idea what is a good price (I've seen some AEs on sale now, but I don't know if that's an actual...
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  • Advice on Dressing Up in a Casual Office

    Hello dapper gents. Been reading for a while, posting now for the first time though. I work in IT for a tech company where the dress code is "wear clothes". Most of my coworkers are under 30 and embrace this, wearing jeans and graphic tees. Very few people deviate from this sort of de facto uniform, and the most common deviation is a casual button down or polo shirt. The only time I've ever seen a suit is when an FBI agent shows up to serve...
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  • Need suggestions on the perfect rugged/business casual shoe

    Here's the scenario:

    I'm a reporter, so I need a shoe that can deal with how active I am going from interview to interview.

    BUT, no way I'm going to wear sneakers. I want something that's still in the ballpark of business casual once I'm back at the desk.

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  • aj87
    started a topic Experience with Levi's Pants?

    Experience with Levi's Pants?

    I've been on the hunt for some pants that fit more like jeans for my ultracasual workplace. Higher ups wear jeans on a very regular basis and sweatshirts/fleece jackets are not as uncommon as they should be. I like the way Calvin Klein or Levi's 514 Slim Straight fits me: fairly tight through the thigh, but without the tapered leg opening of true skinny jeans.

    Levis happens to sell chinos and 511s online. Does anybody have experience...
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