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  • mleetaft
    started a topic Best bourbons under $40

    Best bourbons under $40

    In response to today's article, I want to suggest Benchmark as a low-cost, high value bourbon (similar to Evan Williams Black label). It's made by Buffalo Trace, and it is their "entry-level" bourbon.
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  • pjanastasi
    started a topic Bourbon review show - Bourbon Famous

    Bourbon review show - Bourbon Famous

    My friend and I just published our weekly bourbon review show and have our first two episodes up (Intro and Daily drinkers). New episodes will go up each Friday, with some written reviews interspersed as well. We're hoping to have a more fun and approachable bourbon(and whiskey) review show, that will help let people know what to spend...
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  • stouttravis
    started a topic Strands vs Dalton?

    Strands vs Dalton?

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice on a purchase!

    Background: I recently tried to purchase a pair of shoes from AE on clearance for ~$160, but they couldn't fulfill my order as they were out of my size, at first very upsetting, but then they offered to match the price on any pair of shoes up to a 365 value. With that said, I was pretty happy and now am going to pick up either the Strands or Daltons (just paying...
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  • JohnnyC
    started a topic AE Fifth Ave - Bourbon or Walnut

    AE Fifth Ave - Bourbon or Walnut

    Hey guys,

    First time, long time.

    I called my local Allen Edmonds outlet store (Freeport, ME) earlier and learned that their black Friday sale may put a lot of the shoes, though factory seconds, at right around $170 a pop. I've never owned a pair of AE's but I want to! Now my only question is which color is more versatile?

    I'm torn between the Bouron vs Walnut shades of brown. I like the darker brown...
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