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  • At wit's end: Where to buy tux cummerbund & bow tie?

    Hi All,

    I've done the research, made up my mind, decided I will buy Kent Wang's grograin self tie bow tie and matching grograin cummerbund, only to find out the bow tie is out of stock. I have my wedding the first week of September, and with no re-stock date in sight (I asked), I have to move on to another company.

    What company should I buy my cummerbund and bow tie from? I own the SuitSupply plain black peak lapel tuxedo,...
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  • robrose68
    started a topic I need some advice

    I need some advice

    I recently purchased a pair of Taylor Stitch selvedge jeans. They are cut with a 36" inseam which is waaaaay too ling for me so I took them to a seamstress to have them hemmed a bit. I asked to have them left 2 inches longer than the correct length to account for some minor shrinkage and because I like to roll them up . I got a call from the seamstress today, she did not check her notes and cut the jeans for the measured length and did not...
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  • robgawel
    started a topic How does this work?

    How does this work?

    I want to buy this piece of clothing for my wife, but I have no idea how 'one size' works. Can someone help me understand this?! My wife wears size 16 and I want to surprise her because I know this is very much her style, can someone help me out whether it would fit her?
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  • CPtheCoug
    started a topic Seattle: Where to buy a Tuxedo?

    Seattle: Where to buy a Tuxedo?

    Hi All,

    I've lurked on these forums for awhile now, and yes I did use the search function before posting, but I cannot seem to find any Seattle-specific tuxedo buying advise.

    Late summer next year I am marrying the girl of my dreams. Its going to be a little bit of a fancy occasion (black tie preferred), ceremony at St. James and reception at the WAC, and instead of renting a tuxedo I have made the decision to use...
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  • sartorial
    started a topic Vigevano shoes

    Vigevano shoes

    (Tried to post this yesterday. Apologies if it's a repost.)

    I got these shoes from a family friend. They sat in my closet for years before I started wearing them, partly because the soles are worn so thin that walking on any hard surface (like a sidewalk) makes the balls of my feet ache. I've considered getting them resoled, but I don't know if it's worth it because I don't know whether they're high quality. They seem nice, but I don't...
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  • Advice: Casual briefcase for young lawyer

    Hey, I'm graduating from law school and looking to buy a casual briefcase for work (I don't want to get a more expensive leather one until I've been practicing for a few years). I'm currently thinking of either the Filson in navy or green while it is on sale, but am slightly concerned it may be too casual. Would love to hear thoughts from other lawyers or professionals on the Filson or other good starting bags.

    For background, I will...
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  • Outdoor Florida Summer Wedding

    I've got a question regarding what to wear for a wedding in Orlando, FL in the near future. The event starts at 3 PM and continues into the evening, and both the ceremony and reception are being held outdoors. I'm expecting it is going to be about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and humid. According to the bride, the dress code is "comfy but nice.. slacks and button up would be fine."

    As a Canuck, that feels really casual and I'd...
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  • What do I wear to a Golf Tournament?

    I work for a nonprofit that hosts a golf tournament every year. They provide us with polo shirts branded with our corporate logo, but I'm a bit lost about the rest of the look. This year the polo shirts are Smoke Gray so I ordered a pair of golf pants from Bonobos in stone; those I'm pretty happy with. But shoes are my main problem. I don't want to spend $200-250 on high quality golf shoes from Allen Edmonds or Bonobos because I will literally wear...
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  • jemmox
    started a topic Wedding Attire Advice

    Wedding Attire Advice

    Hello, friends. I'm seeking advice for what to wear to a wedding this Saturday as a guest. The wedding is at 6:00PM and the venue is a downtown hotel. My fiance just now informed me about the wedding, and the invite specifies "formal attire". Everything I have researched says that a dark suit and tie would be appropriate (I do not own a tux nor do I plan on renting one). The problem is that I only recently started caring more about...
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  • AmoryBlaine
    started a topic Dress Shoe Advice

    Dress Shoe Advice

    I'm looking for recommendations on what shoe or shoes to buy next. I currently do not own any quality dress shoes and was considering investing in some AEs with their RDA sale going on. I'm hesitant to pull the trigger because I rarely have an occasion to wear dress shoes as I work in an NYC media office where jeans and t-shirt is the typical wardrobe. My current day to day shoes are Iron Rangers in Amber Harness and Nike Killshot 2s.
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  • theconnman
    started a topic How to wear black tassel loafers?

    How to wear black tassel loafers?

    I got a pair of black tassel loafers as i will be wearing them with my tux soon. how could I wear them outside of that getup. they look exactly like these.
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  • Please Help: Online Shopping Fail

    Thanks to this blog, I have decided to revamp my wardrobe at the ripe old age of 35. I live in Florida and work from home so most of my clothing is shorts and flip-flops. However, I do feel it's time to upgrade slowly and steadily. I've begun doing so by online shopping. My successes haven't been great. Everything I seem to order doesn't fit me so I could use a little advice on which brands I should seek out. I have no issues going into stores to...
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  • Advice needed: go cheap or mid-range for new suit?

    Dappered gents - I could use some advice/perspective on a dilemma I'm having: whether I should spend $500-600 (Suitsupply most likely) or aim even cheaper (Macy's Alfani, thrift, JCP) on my next suit. Basically, I've decided that I need to retire my current "go to" navy suit from Nordstrom (Joseph Abboud) that my wife bought for me in 2004 because it fits me like a sack and the shoulders are much too wide. I'm thinking that I'll replace...
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  • New to watches, need some first time advice on color/style

    Hello gents,

    I think I've finally decided to get a watch. Being in Florida and given my occupation/workplace (IT/casual), there really aren't a whole lot of chances to layer with items like nice jackets/coats so usually it's just shirt, pants, and shoes/belt. I figure a watch would be a good way to add a little depth.

    So I'm a little overwhelmed with all the various choices, but what I really need help with is the basics....
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  • Advice on Dressing Up in a Casual Office

    Hello dapper gents. Been reading for a while, posting now for the first time though. I work in IT for a tech company where the dress code is "wear clothes". Most of my coworkers are under 30 and embrace this, wearing jeans and graphic tees. Very few people deviate from this sort of de facto uniform, and the most common deviation is a casual button down or polo shirt. The only time I've ever seen a suit is when an FBI agent shows up to serve...
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