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Jumping on current LEC sale + thoughts on these shirts?

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    Can anyone vouch for the sizing of the 5-pocket Slim Fit Cords ( I had my eyes on the Merlot ones I'm 6 ft and about 160 and typically wear 31x32, but in some skinnier fit pants (like Levi's 511) wear 32x32. A couple of comments mentioned they were extra skinny. Either way, hard not to take a chance on them at $17!

    Also, if anyone's seen that color in person, that'd be helpful!



      In my experience, they are quite slim. I'd do the 32x32 if I were you.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        See, I'm debating between the Black ones and the Brown ones.

        Problem: On the one hand, the black ones may look too much like jeans. On the other hand, they don't have the brown ones perfectly in my size. I'd have to go up a number on the waist. Thoughts?



          If I weren't on a spending hiatus (I keep saying this to make it true), I would have ordered this today. Great pic by Primer.



            That is one slick sport coat, NC. I was eyeing it, myself. On the same spending hiatus, though. (We'll see if that lasts.)



              Arg, LEC really needs size 36 blazers...oh well, picked up some things anyway



                Got the shirts today. $9 gingham is a great shirt, irregardless of $9. Then again, I knew their poplin shirts fit me well (16.5 x 33, 34 W, 42R chest - I get medium for all LEC orders). Tied for first is the dobby - same fit, just a unique fabric, kind of a spongy chamois. We'll see how it holds up after multiple trips to the cleaner. The blackwatch cord shirt was last - same fit, nice material and colors. Collar just doesn't have any body - no stays, no button down. So will have to be ironed/starched methinks to hold any form.

                All in all, happy with the 3 shirts.



                  Shirts came in today. I ordered 4 oxfords with the hope at least a couple would look good on me, in addition to the fine wale shirt, a tartan poplin in campbell dress, and the windowpane poplin in autumn orange. Mixed results.

                  I know that the LEC oxfords are divisive but they fit me really well and are incredibly soft. Keeping the light blue and light pink stripes, as well as the twilight blue, which is a nice, darker blue compared to my current blue oxfords. I'm undecided about the green/blue/red stripe as I'm not too sure about the color against my skin. They're just a touch short in the sleeves (maybe 1-2 cm) but it's definitely not a deal-breaker IMO.

                  Biggest disappointments are the windowpane poplin, which looks very different in person compared to the pictures online, and the fine wale cord shirt which is oddly shiny on me and the right shoulder seems oddly stitched (defect?). I'll retry both of these before returning, but I wouldn't mind because that means another $30 back in my pocket. Biggest surprise was definitely the campbell dress tartan, which fits and looks great! Wish I had also gotten the other green tartan. To those of you who have it, is it supposed to sound like I'm turning the pages on a newspaper everytime I move?

                  Pretty happy, looks like I'll have spent about $70 (incl tax) for 4 shirts after I make my returns. Hard to imagine finding similar variety, quality, and fit at BR, J.Crew, or Nordstrom for that price.



                    I'm wearing the black watch cord shirt today. It's a bit darker than I thought but I like it. It's a good comfy casual shirt.



                      I also got the Campbell Dress Tartan as well as the Hamilton Tartan and I'm pretty pleased with both the fit and the color. I also took a flyer on the Deep Clover/China Blue Plaid Heritage Poplin shirt, when it was $12.99, but don't love the color in person so I think I'm returning it.

                      I got the Button Neck Cable Sweater in gray as was posted here and really love it. I also got the Midnight Blue Heather Shaker Crossover V-Neck. I love the fit, but the back collar stands up in an odd way. I'll try it on again, but am likely to keep it.

                      Anyway, it was my first Lands End Canvas purchase and I'm pretty satisfied.



                        @redbeardedmike: I got the shaker sweater in gold heather, and think its great except the right shoulder. At the neck, it sits up too high by a half cm or so instead of sitting down and hugging the top of the trapezius - giving it a star trek look. Which would be cool if I were going for the Chris Pine look...I'm keeping it though, and going to iron it down/hope it breaks in ok.

                        @ losrockets: love the campbell dress tartan. It is a little crinkly, but I think only if you're in a library. Another reason to layer - would be muted by a sweater. Surprised the fine wale cord is shiny - perhaps wash it and then see? Mine is not shiny...might be the lighting you're in?

                        Hard part for me is that I usually end up keeping LEC stuff because it's so darn cheap...I know $10 returned is $10 saved, but that is a trip to the mall...and all its temptations...



                          Weng that's exactly what happened to my right shoulder on the fine wale cord! I'll try the shirt in a different light but I'm also thinking it's just not my style. Luckily the Sears is a straight drive from my front door. I'm hoping a wash or two softens the dress tartan, because the noise makes it sound a bit cheap.



                            As far as shirts go, I returned all the LEC shirts I got (the floppy collars were the worst part for me, as well as the general quality).

                            I found that the Lands End Tailored Fit is of much higher quality and better fit. You can also find these pretty cheap if you combine sales, I recommend checking them out.



                              LEC and LE tailored fit in my mind are 2 distinct entities. In old-world terms, LEC=country wear, LE Tailored Fit = city wear.

                              LEC is the cheap sub-$20 casual shirt. As others have mentioned, I don't think it would pass muster even for casual Fridays. Its basically more of a fun spin on the workwear trend. Good for the college/grad student, dad, afterhours/weekend guy, etc.

                              The LE tailored fit is nicer finish, slightly more pricey (>$20) fashion line for folks who have to wear a tie to work. Its a pretty conservative line.

                              As an aside, I find that in most cases the LEC fit is a tiny bit slimmer on me - I take a medium, and am 16.5-33, 34W, 42R. But YMMV.



                                The LE tailored fit are definitely a better quality than LEC, but I don't like the fit of them very well. I got an LE tailored fit oxford and it is a great slim fit through the torso but the armholes and arms didn't seem very trim at all. Kind of that "flying squirrel" affect when I raise my arms.

                                Alas, it was like 15 bucks so I will probably keep it to wear under sweaters and blazers instead of returning