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Where can I find some affordable, good looking golf shoes?

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    Isn't that an oxymoron?



      I'm with JC's first post. Fire up some $40-70 shoes, take lots of lessons and rounds and see if the golf bug bites you! I played a ton in college and some in med school/residency, but now play 7-10 times a year tops. No. Cardio and 4hrs a round are the downsides for me.....

      Either way, a $50 pair of Oxford style Nike spikes has lasted me 10 years!



        Golf isn't exactly a day to day activity..and like Weng said, some people are lucky to play at least 10 times a year. And even if I were to play more (and had the means to splurge, I would be more than ok with Nike spikes). Plus, there's always carts.



          I put in a bid for a pair of Allen Edmond Double Eagles on ebay, but it seems I was beaten. I was out-sniped.


          I probably shouldn't be spending that much on golf shoes, anyway. Even if they were about a third of the price. I'll just head on over to Golf Smith or the PGA Store and get some entry-level shoes.



            As someone who had golfed my whole life, please take my simple advice:

            Get these in brown or black: I wore these for about 6 years, playing a ton, and granted they looked like crap after they got scuffed up and I didn't polish them, they maintained their structure and function.

            Get yourself some simple khaki shorts or pants and a couple nice polos. People seem to think golf has its own style rules that allow you to dress like an asshat. Ex: Weird visors, plaid shorts, odd pastel colors, argyle midcalf socks with shorts. Sure Rickie Fowler can rock an all orange outfit on the tour and collect a million bucks on Sunday, but the rest of us will do just fine in khaki pants and a blue polo. Tiger gets it done with black pants and a red polo.

            No cargo shorts.

            If you suck, and trust me you will for years, golf is impossible to master, you will still get a ton of points for looking and playing like you know what you are doing. Watch your playing partners closely and pick up on the small details of what they do during the round. Take your golf glove off when you putt and let it hang out of your back pocket, don't walk in people's lines, mark your ball on the green if it is in someones way, play "ready" golf (prepare for your shot while others are playing so you are ready to go when it is your turn, don't worry so much about who is "out"), dont forget your wedge on the green, etc. Most people don't mind playing with a crappy golfer if they can maintain the pace and know the subtleties of the game.

            Most importantly, don't give up. Like I said it will take a long time to figure out what you are doing but it is well worth it. Nothing better than beers and 18 holes with buddies on a nice day.



              I'm with Hardrain on this one. Get some relatively cheap Footjoys that are pretty basic in color. I have some Callaway shoes that are nearly identical to the FJ's he linked. I do suggest you go to a Golfsmith (they had a huge one in Austin, I assume there'd be one in DFW) or another larger golf store and TRY PAIRS ON. The worst type of golf shoe is one that doesn't fit correctly and that gives you blisters.

              And his golf fashion and general advice is spot on, too. Learn the rules of the game (don't have to get caught up in the minute details necessarily) and more importantly, the etiquette and you'll be fine.



                Word up to the last two posters. People who don't play ready golf on a relatively empty course (or don't have the decency to let a group play through) are the bane of my summer weekends.



                  Don't forget about the most important part of golf - pants visible from space.




                    ^ oh my god. they make a matching jacket! who is gonna be the first to rock this suit?



                      Mr. Golfer, I found a pretty sweet tie for you today, if you want it.

                      Here's a bit about W Bill: