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Shark Skin or Grey Three Piece Slim Fitting Suit---Need Help!

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    Shark Skin or Grey Three Piece Slim Fitting Suit---Need Help!

    Hey guys, so I was just informed by my fiance that she would like ME to be in a grey suit for our engagement photos next weekend. So I am looking for something affordable, hopefully on sale, and it needs to be in a brick and mortar store in southern California. I am going to need to get it over the weekend and to my tailor for some quick fixes, as I am a smaller guy at 5'4". I wear a 38S normally, and I have about a 30 inch waist. I am a bit broad and have a larger chest, no measurements with me at the moment.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I am slightly freaking out on the timing and staying within a reasonable amount. Oh, looking for sub-R500, but around $300 would be ideal.

    *edited as I should be the one in the suit. ha.


    So wait... who's in the suit? :-)



      Post is now edited---haha



        Seriously, though, I think you can do a lot with $500 - even locally on a time crunch. Go to Last Call's website (, and check out their Hickey Freeman suits. I don't know where you are in So Cal, but I see that there are a lot of Last Call B&M stores there. Generally, their in-store specials match their online specials, and Hickey Freeman suits are going for $420 online. Who knows what more you may find in the store.

        Otherwise, I've been very satisfied with my navy Cremieux suit that I found at Dillards. He's one of Dillards exclusive designers (and has been for a long time), and he does good stuff (though admittedly sometimes for an older crowd). At half off, it was $350. It was probably never a $700 suit to begin with, but the $350 was a good price.

        There's no reason why you should have any trouble finding a sub $500 suit that you aren't absolutely satisfied with. I'm sure there will be plenty of others chiming in soon.



          Alan--Thanks for the idea. I should be able to stop by a Last Call over the weekend to see what they have in stock. I am going to check out what they have on the site as well and probably call over before I go. Do you know if the website's stock is different than what they have in store? Meaning that they may have other stuff in the store that is not listed on the website. I am figuring that they do.

          As for Dillards, unfortunately they are too far from my house to travel too. Over 2 hours away.

          Thanks for the ideas!



            I'm also seeing some stuff over at that looks promising.

   y&page=1&sort=sale&sortreverse=0&size=&width=&colo r=grey&price=&brand=&instoreavailability=false&las tfilter=color&sizeFinderId=4&partial=1&pagesize=10 0

            This search is for all suits, sorted by what's on sale first. There are a number of store brand suits and a few name brands, too. You can find a picture you like and you'll see a "pick up in store" button just below the "Add to shopping bag" button. If you click that, you can even see if they have one locally in your size. Makes shopping much easier if you know what you want to see before you get there, and you know you're not wasting your time if they don't have your size.



              Yes, the Last Call stores do carry stuff not seen on the website. I verified that the 30% off sale on suits is available in-store, and it's good through the weekend.



                Also, some (most) people on this site treat the Hilfiger trim fit suits at Macy's like kryptonite. They like them on just about every count, exscept that the shoulders have excessive padding. However, considering your broad shoulders, you may be able to carry it better than some of the bean poles around here. :-) They also sell matching vests so yuo can get a 3-piece ensemble.

                I can't make any guarantees that it will work for you, but it's a $250 wool suit if you can pull it off. I own one (grey pinstripe), and while the shoulders are still noticeable on me, it's not as bad as some other people have experienced with their own body types. Just be honest with yourself, and don't get seduced by the price if it's not EXACTLY what you want. Like I said before, there's no reason in the world you shouldn't be completely satisfied with a sub $500 suit.



                  That is great stuff Alan! Thanks for putting all that information together for me. I will check out both the Hilfiger at Macy's and the Rack's inventory as well.

                  I am not going to buy something that is not going to be perfect for both my shape and the photo shoot. I want to be able to have this for years to come for the money I am willing to spend.



                    Tommy Hilfiger Suit Separates, Grey Sharkskin Slim Fit at Macy's




                      Might be hard finding a vest for that..



                        Yeah, I think the matching vests only come with the navy and grey striped suits. And the sharkskin costs more than the stripes. But if it works, you might have something.



                          Is there a Zara store near you? or H&M?

                          Those might be your only options as far as the mall stores. The reason I say that, is my friend is 5'4" (give or take) and NOTHING fits him well off the rack. The sleeves are always too long & baggy, the shoulders are off, loose around chest area, etc.

                          Zara and H&M seem to be the only places that are slim fitting & run small enough to fit him.

                          I'm very surprised to hear you fit well into a 38S. I normally would say you'll have no problem finding something decent, but your measurements concern me a little bit. Of course, I hope I'm wrong!



                            What's the verdict? What were you able to find?