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gold watches. tacky? classy? trendy?

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    gold watches. tacky? classy? trendy?

    It seems as though gold watches have lately been, if not making a real comeback, at least making an appearance in the world of high fashion.

    Most stereotypes are that gold watches are for older men, that they are tacky, that they only look good on darker skin tones, that they are traditionally accompanied by a fistful of gold rings and a neckful of gold chains, etc.

    I'm not usually crazy about gold, especially a gold watch on a bracelet, or a two-tone gold and silver watch. But lately I've been bitten by the gold bug for a simple, understated dress watch with a leather strap, white dial, and gold case. What do you think?

    Something like this (though I hope the gold is slightly less yellowy in person)... with a strap that better complements the gold, like this:



    I do think that yellow gold is more for older people. It just works better. That being said, it's been popular for thousands of years, and it's not going away any time soon. I personally like the look of rose gold over yellow gold, but that could fall back out of fashion whereas yellow gold is always "in".

    I don't think it's a bad look, but I kind of put it in with hats and bowties on young people. It doesn't HAVE to take a special person to pull it off, but if you're going to do it, you've got to own it. (Again, that's just my take.)

    Also, even though I think "silver tone" watches are fine since it's also the color of stainless steel, nickel-plating, brushed aluminum, chrome, etc., if you're going to wear anything gold-colored, it should actually be gold. Otherwise, you're just wearing a fake gold watch. I'm sure everyone will have their own opinions there, though.

    Also... I've never been fan of the two-tone silver/gold watch unless it's like 90-95% silver with just touches of gold. Otherwise, I'd commit to one or the other.



      Conservative: Classy.

      Big and fake: Tacky.

      Well, I think big watches are tacky in general. Very popular with teens and the less refined crowd here in college.



        It really depends, it's all in the bezel

        big gold bezel + gold or two-tone bracelet = tacky

        slim gold bezel w/ black leather strap = classy, but the gold does stand out.

        slim gold bezel w/ dark brown or tan = classy with not too much emphasis on the gold part.

        Well, that's my take after lurking a couple of months on WUS.