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LEC $130 shirt

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    You can use the code bicycle and pin 3953 for free shipping over $50



      "SPRING" and PIN "2840" gets free shipping on any $

      ordered the black/white earlier today...$29 aint bad if it's really a $130 shirt...



        Argh.. I wish I noticed this earlier.. Looking for 15.5 x 33.. Never tried on a 34 sleeve length but I'm a short guy (5'8), so I'd imagine it's a bit too long.

        Nevermind.. I just picked it up..

        Sleeves will be rolled up regardless.



          bleh 38 bucks with taxes and duties, but I wanted a purple gingham shirt anyway so I pulled the trigger.

          I really need to stop spending haha. February was too good a month for sales



            ^^ True that man. My February credit card bill just made me sad haha

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              Picked up the solid white one as well as a pair of refined chinos to replace an exceptionally cheap pair I have. Pants sizing with them has been really wonky for me, so we will see how that ends up. I've always worn a 31-32 waist regardless of brand. Some LEC 32s are just fine, others (like the straight fit jeans I got a few months back) were absurdly tight.

              We will see.



                I got the white one and the black gingham.

                I am still debating if i should switch to a purple gingham.

                I already have 2 similar purples ones but one is a larger check and the other one is a smaller check.

                My black check shirt is slightly too small