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    Wow that really does look nice. I like the looks of the face shape much better in your picture than in the one on Amazon.



      @BenR what kind of strap is that? Looks to be a suede looking material, I like it. Looks a bit rough & heavy, nice for winter.



        It's from Voguestrap, which is the kind of straps sold at Target and Wal-Mart. A cheapie but a goodie. Their actual leather straps are junk but the suede-like ones are really nice. It's very comfortable, too.

        That one comes in 18mm, but they also sell a similar one that is 20mm.




          So I ended up getting the SNKK65 from Ebay.

          I am looking for a casual/nice inexpensive brown leather strap so I can rotate bracelet, black leather strap, and brown leather (or maybe suede) strap. Do you guys have good sites to recommend or straps/dealers to look at on Ebay? I am going to check out those Voguestraps that BenR suggested and maybe try the suede one pictured.

          I am considering this as a possibility but I want to know what you guys think or if you have experience with this strap.


          Also I got this black leather strap a while ago for cheap and have used it with my Easy Reader once or twice. Opinions? Is it awful or usable from time to time?


          Thanks. I'm very inexperienced with watches so looking for any advice/opinions.



            Congrats...nice Watch! I like the first band you linked better. I recently bought a couple of straps from this place that turned out to be good quality and really cheap:




              Nice choice laxattackdog. FYI, both your straps choices have different width (16mm and 18mm). You want to get the correct size for your watch.

              17.5mm seems to be the lug width size (amazon doesn't always have the right specs). I'll leave the "which one fit what" answer to the experts.



                I'll probably make sure the 18mm strap that I have already fits it before I get another one.

                Also I just checked my strap links again and unless I'm being a huge idiot they both seem to say 18mm. You're absolutely right with Amazon often having specs wrong. I think 17.5 or 18 is correct for the watch that I ordered.



                  @Juan Which straps did you get from that site?



                    sigh...I swear I saw 16 somewhere...*run off with unicorn* Sorry about that!



                      @laxattackdog - 18MM should be the correct strap size for that watch. I purchased a leather Nato and a regular Nato...both very nice. The leather Nato is the same one that Joe recommended on the main Dappered site a while ago from an eBay seller but they sell it for much cheaper on their site.



                        So the watch came and I am having some difficulty removing the bracelet. Anyone else have tips from experience with other Seiko 5s or similar watches? I have a really cheap spring bar tool that I purchased from Ebay a while ago that seemed to work alright with my Timex, but I can barely even figure out where I should be trying to leverage the spring bar from on my Seiko. Maybe there's something else I have around the house that would work better than the crappy spring bar tool or maybe I should just spring for a decent one.

                        I stopped by a watch kiosk at the mall to ask how much it would cost to remove the bracelet. They said $16 which I thought was pretty crazy. If I bought one of their straps (which started around $20) they would have done it for free but I wasn't too crazy about anything that they had to offer so I passed. What should the cost be to have someone remove it and where would one go to do that?



                          Lax, can you access flanges on the spring bar with your tool? Or are the end links simply not exposing enough of the spring bar?

                          Assuming that the end links expose enough of the spring bar, if I run into problems, it's usually one of the following:

                          1) I can't even get to the flange on either end of the spring bar. I've found this to be rare, but when it does happen, you just have to dig in there with the tool and try and grab the flange. You'll get it eventually.

                          2) I can get one side off but it wedges itself inside the lug as I'm trying to pull it out. When it sticks, just get the other side next and it'll just pop off.

                          Another tip, use the small fork on your tool. The large fork is just for pulling back leather or rubber straps. I use a $7 one I bought off eBay and it works fine.

                          Just keep trying and you'll figure it out eventually, and then you'll wonder why you ever had a problem to begin with. (Just don't get obsessed with not scratching your lugs. No matter what you do, you will scratch the lugs unless you have surgically precise hands.)



                            I feel like I cant even get to the spring bar, but I'll try it again tomorrow with a little more force and then report back.



                              Hhmm, it shouldn't take much force at all. Can you see the flange on the spring bar and reach it with your tool?



                                Sorry to bump this thread again but I'm still looking for a strap. I got the SNKK65 and then I had to return it because the quick-set for the day/date did not work.


                                My replacement arrived a couple of days ago and it's high time to get that ugly bracelet off.

                                I'm looking for a brown leather strap. Something that wouldn't look out of place with a casual button down and a sweater but something that could also work with a suit if it needed to (I rarely wear a suit but I want the option if I really need to since the purpose of this watch is to go along with my ultra casual Easy Reader on a Nato). Some options I have been considering.





                                Also that cheap Voguestrap that BenR has his blue faced Seiko on earlier in this thread.