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    The Kenilworths are good-looking, flexible, and unobtrusive. I'm wearing the my Kenilworths today in the same brown. It's not "brown burnished" but it does have a black burnished toe, so.. must be the same. At $220 for firsts via Amazon, it's actually my most expensive AE out of six pairs.


      Originally posted by sean_anon View Post
      A little off topic but are you happy with the Kenilworths in "brown burnished"?
      Yes, very much so. They're a great shade of brown, and I've found them to be rather versatile.

      Originally posted by sean_anon View Post
      Also the Williams is a new generation of long wing from AE? Looks pretty nice
      Nope. It's part of their Independence Collection which they released a couple years ago. Here's their video promo:


        Originally posted by bjmcgeever View Post
        Just this weekend, I purchased a pair of Allen Edmonds Williams, so I figured I'd share some thoughts and photos here.

        I found them on Amazon discounted to $240. Then, I used Amazon's 20% off shoes promo code, a gift card from Christmas, and some rewards points from my Amazon credit card to bring them down to $55 taxed & shipped.

        They're part of the Independence Collection, which AE claims to be their highest quality shoes (Joe reviewed another model, the Rutledge). These are built on the 222 last, which is also used for the AE Player's Shoe, which is one of my favorites. The leather does seem to be softer and a bit thicker than other AEs I have. The detailing isn't perfect, but it does seem to be a bit of a step up from the mainline AEs. Here are some pics:

        They came out of the box looking a little dull.

        Here they are after a condition & shine (one coat of AE Cleaner/Conditioner, several coats of AE Dark Brown Premium Polish, a couple coats on the toe and heel of neutral AE carnuba wax)

        The wheeling on the welt is a nice touch.

        I wore to work yesterday, and I was on my feet quite a bit. There was a bit of slipping in the heel, though that abated after a couple hours (due to the sole softening up, I believe). My feet didn't hurt at all once the day was done, and I credit that to the added padding in the insole.

        All in all, these are great shoes, especially for the price. They fill a spot in my wardrobe that has been open for a long time: dressy dark brown brogues.
        I've actually been eyeing those the past couple weeks but was unsure of the sizing. How is the sizing compared to the 1 last or the 5 last?


          Originally posted by movoblast View Post
          I've actually been eyeing those the past couple weeks but was unsure of the sizing. How is the sizing compared to the 1 last or the 5 last?
          I don't have anything on the 1 last. I think this one fits a bit more narrowly than 5 (65) last shoes. I actually sized up half a size on both the Williams and the Player's Shoe, since sizing up in width wasn't an option.