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Wallet solution: Card Case?

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    Wallet solution: Card Case?

    Looking to crowd-source a wallet solution for 5 cards, and see what everyone else is using.

    I've gone from a small leather wallet that holds license in a see-through plastic protecctor and 3-4 cards on one side, to a simple butterfly clip around cash & cards, kind of like the m-clip here (but not $100):

    Wondering if its possible to simplify further from keys/iphone/cash wad/card wallet. Probably not....but saw a silver business card carrier - could use that for cards, and then just wad of cash.


    I have four cards I carry around on a regular basis. I use a card case (from Jack Spade). It's been great. Has a slot on top I keep my bills in if I don't end up with a lot.



      I used a leather card case for a while, with 5-6 cards in it. It worked fine except for the times I actually needed cash. I got into the habit of trying to always have a $20 bill in there, but when I actually needed to pull it out it was awkward and time consuming. I tried carrying a separate money clip as well but that didn't last, so I went back to a bifold wallet with a money clip built in. Not as slim, but works better. I've also seen card cases that had money clips attached to the outside which might work better.


 current solution, in addition to being woefully unstylish, is cumbersome to get the cards out of at the register: o-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B000CMNJF4&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX 0DER&pf_rd_r=1BZQ20ZBJ38AGVW38Z02

        I might experiment with one of these 2 cheap options:

        I'm looking into slim iphone cases with card slots too, but haven't found any I like...



          I picked one up yesterday since I have no small, front pocket solutions. It sounds very similar to the one at the very beginning of the thread. It's leather with a see-through ID holder on one side and slots for 3 cards on the other side. There's nowhere to store cash, but I don't much carry cash. I always just pocket anything smaller than a $20, anyway.

          I would have prefered something with a clip, but the thing was just $5 or $6 at Marshalls (down from MSRP of $25). I figure it will hold me over until I find something actually nice.

          FWIW, I'm not looking for something to fully replace my wallet. I just want a backup since my wallet is super thick with a built-in coin pouch so it doesn't work with some of my pants. And sitting on it hurts my back.



            My brother just got the Jack Spade Mag mentioned, and he likes it a lot. Bonobos has them:

            You could get that price down to $20 if you haven't ordered from them before.




              good deal on a jack spade card case.

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                This is what I use for my cards and I.D.


                Although I do really like this one.




                  Here's what I use:


                  It's made with full grain leather, has an ID window (but no plastic which gets all scratched up with time), and there's space for a bit of cash.



                    Thanks for all the replies.

                    What D4rkRXN uses is basically what I first started with. Guess there's not some super-secret compact way to get it done (other than go all cash, or 2 cards, etc).



                      I have a tri-fold that I am tired of, so this thread has help me out too.




                        I got a full wallet with a folding center insert with a plastic window for id and some card slots that holds 4-5 cards. I don't carry the rest of the wallet anymore but the center insert has cards, my id, and I put cash and receipts in the middle.



                          @D4rkRXN what color Saddleback did you get? I'm debating between tobacco and chestnut.



                            @ Tdig, thanks for the tip just ordered the Jack Spade from Clad.



                              @laxattackdog, I like the Saddleback in chestnut.