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Need boot suggestions to overcome boot failure

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    Need boot suggestions to overcome boot failure

    I picked up a pair of moc toe boots form LEC and I've had two pairs (they replaced the first) and they just have been horrible quality, I don't know what it is, but I'm just thoroughly displeased (although customer service, so far, has been good).

    I don't have any other boots. I need something that can withstand a bit of snow, not hiking, but I'll have to walk through snow here and there. I want something that can be worn without looking like you're ready for a hike or something. Lastly, I don't have much of a budget.

    I was thinking the Earthkeepers (Bonobos has them and I have a decent credit there), but beyond that I have no idea.



    Sell stuff you have laying around and buy really good boots?



      $20 buys a pair of rubber overshoes.

      I wear Sorels in the snow.



        I love my Red Wing Iron Rangers. Expensive but worth it. The Sebago Fairhavens look fantastic. Any nice looking boot will require care to stay nice looking when you run them through snow, etc. So invest in the proper care items no matter what you buy. I'm a big fan of mink oil.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          The Chippewa ones someone on here got looked really nice, especially for the price. They're made in the USA as well, and I think they're Goodyear welted.



            I am the Chip owner of whom JC speaks, and yes, I like them a lot. I've been wearing mine pretty much nonstop since I got them a week ago. They even work pretty well as dress casual shoes with some chinos, an OCBD, and a tweed blazer (I went to court to visit the judge I interned for this summer). They're available for $125-140 online, which might be a serious investment for you, but probably worth it in the long run (if you like the style, of course). They don't come waterproof, but you can waterproof them yourself with Sno Seal or Obenauf's or whatever other product you prefer. I did mine and they only darkened slightly.

            Timberland Earthkeepers are also a good choice. There are stories that the soles don't last too long, but considering how cheap you can find them in a really good sale, that's not the end of the world.




              I wear Dr Martens. They're cheaper than Red Wings and they are good quality.



                Well crap, I just heard back from Bonobo and apparently what they have in the way of boots is it - they won't get anything else in until either later in the year (read: fall, I believe) or not at all (what I understand the case to be for Earthkeepers).

                I have a $100+ credit there and I was expecting to use it on boots, since without the sale the clothes aren't as attractive anymore.




                  Earthkeepers at 54 dollars. Best price.

                  Hope it helps.

                  By the way, don't ever buy footwear at Land's End Canvas again. Cheers.