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Good shaving products?

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    Good shaving products?

    I grow a trimmed beard, but shave my neck roughly every other day. I tend to get razor burn on my lower neck, especially where my shirt collar rubs when I go buttoned up with a tie.

    Anyone have a great lotion they apply after shaving to beat razor burn? I have tried a few types but they didn't seem to work well.

    Also, what does everyone shave with? I have been using the gillette fusion 5 blade (or however many it is) for awhile now. I read about how the extra blades just chew up your face, and decided to try to be a bad ass and get a classic safety razor. I ordered this yesterday:

    I like the idea of the single double edged razor that is really cheap, so I can replace it often. I tend to use those fusion blades too long because they are so damn expensive.

    What do yall use?


    I have a Merkur similar to what you ordered. 2 badger brushes, Personna Prep Blades, and cella shaving cream



      I like Brave Soldier Code Blue Aftershave:

      It works great for me. Keep in mind that the texture is a bit different than regular after's a bit sticky.

      I also use Nancy Boy Shave cream and I love it. Actually, all their shaving products are fantastic.

      I used a Merkur blade like the one you ordered for a while but I'm back to using the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor.



        I use a Merkur like yours, but I don't like the included blades. I use Feather blades, they are made by a Japanese company which also makes surgical blades (scalpels etc).

        I also use a badger brush, try the Tweezerman first:

        And finally I swear by Proraso shave cream. I have tried a bunch of other creams and soaps, but Proraso is far and away the best.

        Just so you know, I also grow a beard, and shave my neck every couple of days. I also shave my head with the double edge.

        What do you use to trim your beard?



          I just hit the beard about once a week with a Wahl kit like this



            King of Shaves FTW.



              I really like Burt's Bees shave cream.




                I use C.O Bigelow company. Its made with eucalyptus oil. And I specifcially use it only for my lower neck, and use a gel type for my face.

                Yes, two different shaving creams when I shave to target what is needed in each area.

                I also grow a beard during winter, and have a shaved head. 00 head, and follow through with that same buzz number on my upper face and upper neck. Then clean it up on the bottom neck with a shave with the C.O Bigelow company cream.



                  The C.O. Bigelow and Proraso shave creams that were recommended above are one in the same. C.O. Bigelow is a repackaged Proraso.

                  There is a good deal right now for this shave cream at Bath&Body Works where you buy 2 and you get 2 for free. Plus you can stack coupon code Gift20 on top of that. I just ordered and my total was $24.60 with shipping and tax. I swear by Nancy Boy Signature shave cream but C.O. Bigelow/Proraso is also great.



                    Merkur 34C and astra blades. Check out west coast shaving: they have razor variety packs; after trying a bunch, the astra work best on me. $18 for 100 here:

                    Shaving cream: Taylor of Bond Street; just badger brush lather it up on your face.


                    Mantic's safety razor shaving videos are priceless.




                      For more in-depth discussions, check our forums at shaveden




                        Used my Merkur for the first time last night and I loved it. How often do you change these blades?



                          YMMV, but till it drags too much. You will definitely be able to tell.

                          I think it takes 1-2 shaves for a razor to break-in; then usually good for 2-5 more shaves (depending on hair coarseness and amount).

                          When you notice that there's some "tugging" pain on shaving, or that it's just not cutting well, then change it!

                          The Astras are $0.18 a blade if you buy the 100 pack - makes it a much more simple proposition than $2-3 per cartridge on a Mach 3 or Fusion!



                            Any recommendations on good electric shavers/trimmers? I've done wet shave all my life but I'd like to get an electric trimmer so I can "shave" and still keep a bit of stubble.




                              @BenR I use an andis trimmer. work pretty well at keeping a bit of stuble. like this one